Help us come up with new name for LA Dodgers

Mon, Jul 4

You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

Dodgers is kind of a stupid nickname -- especially for a team in Los Angeles.

And especially for a team that's bankrupt. The only thing that team has been dodging are creditors.

So what about a new nickname? I'd suggest the Los Angeles Chapter 11's except you've been unofficially suggesting that for weeks. A lot of you have been trying to buy LA Chapter 11 uniform tops from but get this message: "Your current entry cannot be processed. Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane will not be accepted. Please create a new entry."

OK, MLB, that's what we'll do -- create a new entry. In fact, let's create 10 of them because that's our reader-generated list for the week: "Top 10 New Nicknames for the Dodgers." Nothing has changed. Send your entry or entries to -- and please include your first name, initial of your last name and your location.

If you don't think your suggested new nickname is self-explanatory, well, then explain it.

With lame duck owner Frank McCourt declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it's easy to understand the popularity of Chapter 11's. But your challenge is to come up with something better.

And just to add historical weight to this blog, until 1932 the official name of the team was the Brooklyn Baseball Club. That's right -- the Clubbers. How boring is that? Other early unofficial names included the Grays, the Grooms, the Bridegrooms, the Superbas and the Robins.

The Grays? Was the original team all-alien?

Superbas? Don't ask 'cause I don't know.

But you can do better than that, right? You have until noon Wednesday and the list will appear here Thursday.

Yes, Mr. McCourt, you're welcome to play. After all, we wouldn't be doing this list if not for you.