Readers provide new names for LA Dodgers

Thu, Jul 7

Take the Dodgers -- please.

Attorneys for Major League Baseball argued in a court filing Wednesday that Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt should not be allowed to turn the team's financially shaky situation into "a multi-ringed side show."

Uh, sorry, but it's a little late for that.

So it's past time for changing the name of the team to reflect it's current standing in baseball. When the team was in Brooklyn, the name "Dodgers" came from folks there having to dodge the trolley cars. You can see just about anything in L.A. but the only trolley cars might be found on a movie lot.

And that's why we asked you to create this week's list: "Top 10 New Nicknames for the Dodgers." The suggestions were enthusiastic and numerous. In fact, there seemed to be a little glee in taking shots at someone else in financial distress. Better the Dodgers than us, apparently.

Top 10 New Nicknames for the Dodgers

10. "Los Angeles Dire Straits" by Jeremy J. of Apex, N.C. (We just love the sound of that.)

9. "L.A. Law" by Dave H. of Toledo who adds, "Wait, I think that's been done already." (It has, Dave, but it would be so cool to hear Vin Scully say, "Here comes the Law!")

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