5 great quotes about Yankees' Derek Jeter

Sat, Jul 9

Derek Jeter has had an unbelievable career and, on Saturday, he broke the 3,000 hit mark with a home run. The biggest surprise for most people is that the 37-year-old shortstop is the first New York Yankees player to do it in history. How could you not root for the guy?

Here are five great quotes about Jeter:

1. "We knew from the start that there was something special about him. The way he carried himself, the way he played the game. He's just all about winning."

-- former manager Joe Torre

2. "He represents all that is good about a leader. I'm a great believer in history, and I look at all the other leaders down through Yankee history, and Jeter is right there with them."

-- late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner on naming Jeter the team's captain

3. "He has qualities that separate superstars from everyday people, and a lot of it is attributable to his great family background."

-- basketball legend Michael Jordan

4. "In big games, the action slows down for him, when it speeds up for others."

-- Yankees Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, on the clutchness of Jeter

5. "My office is at Yankee Stadium. Yes, dreams do come true."

-- Derek Jeter

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