Top 10 comments overheard at Royal St. Georges

Thu, Jul 14

When you read this, the British Open will be well into the first round at Royal St. Georges, nestled by the stormy waters near Sandwich, England. No telling how many golfers will have been lost by the time you join us. But that's how it is when you are participating in an event that's run by a group of guys who call themselves the Royal & Ancient.

At least they have indoor plumbing.

As for the golf, it is different from what we expect in the United States. We're so spoiled, we expect fairways that are, you know, fair. We expect bunkers that don't need spelunkers to help get in and out. Shows what we know about the way golf was played hundreds of years ago -- and is still played at Royal St. Georges.

That's why our readers'-generated list is about what may be overheard this week on the grounds there. The interesting thing about your response is how often two golfers were named because one isn't even there and the other probably shouldn't be there. Bet you can guess who they are, but let's find out:

Top 10 Comments Overheard at Royal St. Georges

10. "If you can't see France, it's raining; If you can see France, it's about to rain," by Fred H. of Atlanta.

9. "Don't want to say Phil Mickelson is struggling but he's trying to keep his putts low and into the wind," by Marvin G. of St. Louis.

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