'Sunday Brunch': 'Yes, I'm ready for some football'

Sun, Jul 24

Remember when this NFL lockout started, back when we were kids? Remember how we used to think the league owners had devilish plans to break the players' union so that it could never bother them again?

How could we have been so naive?

As we saw at the end of this week, the NFL owners love the players' union almost as much as they love their tax shelters. The owners put together a little 200-page "collective" bargaining agreement and offered it to the players -- as long as they ratified their union and ratified it quickly.

"Hey," said the owners, "we want to end this nasty lockout right away so we can all start getting richer again. So how soon can you recertify your union? How about tonight? Tuesday at the latest?"

Of course the players aren't pushovers. They said, "Hey, where's the respect? We'll show you. We'll wait, uh, days until we recertify our union and live under your rule for the next 10 years."

Players play and owners rule. But what do we care? We're getting our football back -- although still no word if anyone is recertifying Brett Favre.

While our literary chefs are preparing the sumptuous main courses for today's Brunch, let's chew over some tidbits from the week that was.

• If you could have one wish, would it be to score a 99 in Madden 2012 or be named a Page 2 statue of the week? Both are priceless.

• Plaxico Burress talked to some youngsters in Florida about guns. Next week the kids get financial advice from Bernie Madoff.

• The Oakland Raiders just abstained from breakfast.

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