NFL players celebrate lockout's end on Twitter

Tue, Jul 26

I know you guys happy that football is back I sure am! America's #1 sport...Monday via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell summed up the end of the NFL lockout in a Twitter-friendly sound bite, stating, "Football is back." The phrase went viral as folks took to social media to celebrate the fact that the 135-day work stoppage is over. NFL players were chief among those reveling in the lockout's end.

"It's been a long time coming! I'm no longer unemployed! Yes!!!!!" tweeted Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis.

"#ramdomtweet I'm turning cartwheels in the parking lot," Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris posted.

After generating criticism for tweets about the NFL draft and how he was spending his down time during the lockout, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush simply wrote, "I know you guys happy that football is back I sure am! America's #1 sport..."

"Football!! I miss the smell of the locker room after practice!! Hahaha" tweeted Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

The No. 2 pick in the 2011 draft was one of many looking for a lockout-related laugh. Yahoo! reported a spike in searches for "NFL lockout jokes" on Monday.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston was another who took the lighter route: "they say in the agreement I will be able to get free breadsticks with my 2 large pizzas #conferencecall"

Apparently, official word took longer to get to some players than others.

"So I'm seeing a bunch of sites reporting w have a deal in place. C'mooooon carrier pigeon, flap those little wings! #mineprobablyhasbirdflu" tweeted Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe early Monday afternoon.

The bird must have made it, as Kluwe later posted, "I got to talk to my coach. IT FELT SO WEIRD. #whowasthatmaskedman"

Meanwhile, with a collective bargaining agreement for the next decade OK'd by both sides and the labor dispute over, Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Tank Johnson summed up what most people -- players, fans and owners alike -- are probably thinking.

Johnson tweeted, "Let's just say this whole Lock Out Thingy never happen Mmmkay"