X Games: Alexis Sablone takes creative route

Wed, Jul 27
Alexis SablonStephen Dunn/Getty ImagesIvy League graduate Alexis Sablone has won a silver and a gold from past X Games outings.

It is widely believed that Ivy League graduates are more likely to land on higher-paying career tracks, that their prestigious grooming yields high-octane job options as employers eagerly seek out well-qualified stock.

So, it should come as no surprise that Alexis Sablone, a 2008 graduate of the Department of Architecture at Barnard College (the women's college of Columbia University), took home $40,000 last August for one brief afternoon on the job.

But the detail that might shake up some alumni picnics is that the Ivy young gun's plush paycheck was remitted for just one hour of masterful work -- on a skateboard.

"It's crazy," Sablone said in a telephone interview with espnW this week. "You can make a year's living in one day and it all comes down to an hour of your life. Not to get really dramatic, but it's true. That's how it happens at X Games."

The 24-year-old, who grew up in Old Saybrook, Conn., began her love affair with the skateboard at a young age. But with no skate park or scene to roll in in the scenic seaside New England town, Sablone spent hours each night honing her craft, alone with her four wheels.

"I would just skate alone every night in the garage and on my porch. In fifth grade, I changed schools and there were a few skaters there [in Madison, Conn.]. We would all bring our skateboards to school -- I don't really know what we did with them, though, because we didn't skate at school! But that was the first contact I had with other skaters," Sablone remembered with a laugh.

"The closest skate park to my parents' house was in Guilford, and that was like 40 minutes away. I tried to go there every weekend. But during the week it was just me."

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