Readers give top 10 tips their NFL team is doomed

Thu, Sep 8
Andrew LuckAP Photo/Paul SakumaDo you think NFL fans are already anticipating the arrival of Andrew Luck next year? Yep.

This is disturbing.

When we chose "Top 10 Tips Your NFL Team Has No Chance" as the subject for this week's reader-generated list, we did so in a lighthearted manner. After all, the season doesn't begin until Thursday night, so how gloomy could our enthusiastic readers be?

Wow, we didn't realize that hundreds of you have already accepted failure as the "can't miss" destiny of your favorite team. In fact, instead of using the phrase "Has No Chance," most of you changed it to "Top 10 Tips My Team Is Doomed."

Unfortunately for our list, many of you chose to name one person as all the evidence needed for a team being doomed. In fact, it appeared there was a write-in campaign aimed at Seattle quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. Others who were popular choices as the carriers of doom included Raiders owner Al Davis, Chargers coach Norv Turner and 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Not too positive on the West Coast, are you?

And then there was this entry from John M. of Morrisville, Pa.: "Two words -- Miami Heat."


While we ponder how LeBron James can be blamed for ill fortune striking a football team, let's get to the list:

Top 10 Tips My NFL Team Is Doomed

10. "Your best quarterback would rather sit at home, reading either Ayn Rand or a 'Twilight' novel, instead of playing for you," said Matthew C. from Baltimore. (Hard to imagine Carson Palmer or anyone else being a fan of both Ayn Rand and the "Twilight" books.)

9. "Your team already is selling Andrew Luck jerseys in anticipation of next season," said Massawar A. of Queens, NYC.

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