Lance Briggs won't be only athlete honoring 9/11

Fri, Sep 9

Across the nation Sunday, Americans will be holding somber, dignified remembrances for 9/11. As you've probably heard by now, that includes Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, who wants to wear some very somber, dignified gear for the occasion, which has raised a bit of a stir. Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck apparently has something similar in mind.

Whatever you think of Briggs' and Hasselbeck's gear, all NFL players will be wearing a red, white and blue ribbon patch on their jerseys. NFL folks aren't the only ones looking to make some uniform modifications for 9/11. Here's a sampling of other uni-related gestures that will be on tap around the sports world:

• MLB teams will be wearing American flag patches on their caps Sunday.

• In college football, Tulsa will be going with a star-spangled helmet script on Saturday.

• Boston College will have red bandana helmet stickers, to honor former BC athlete Welles Crowther, who saved many lives in the World Trade Center during the attacks.

• Arkansas will have a red, white and blue midfield logo.

• Samford will have a dual helmet tribute, for 9/11 and for Alabama's tornado victims.

• And the American national rugby team will wear black armbands for its Rugby World Cup match Sunday.

More uni-related tributes are undoubtedly in the works for this weekend. What's the best way to go -- a simple armband, a small patch or sticker, or a full-blown star-spangled spectacle like Briggs is planning? Post your comments and let us know what you think.