Paul 'Triple H' Levesque talks about 'Inside Out'

Fri, Sep 9

"Paul, WWE has tried to make movies in the past and ... well ... and ... " I said very cautiously remembering that "Paul" is pro wrestler Triple H, who is about 6-foot-4 and 255 pounds.

"Come on, don't be shy. I've seen them," Paul Levesque said.

"Well, they haven't been very good," I continued cringing.

"Things are changing," he said. "We actually have some real stars in this one!"

In the past two years, WWE Studios has made "Legendary," "Knucklehead," "The Chaperone" and "That's What I Am." And WWE likely made more money at one pay-per-view event than those four movies brought in.

But Levesque is starring with "real stars" Michael Rapaport, Parker Posey and Bruce Dern in "Inside Out," a movie coming out Friday about prison, the mob and redemption.

"I read the script and really thought it was great," Levesque said about the role originally slated for David Batista, who was hung up in contract negotiations. "This movie isn't all about action. It's a drama with a message."

Levesque, a 42-year-old Connecticut resident, enjoys making movies but doesn't want to do it for a living, like former pro wrestling stars such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

"I remember a conversation with owner Vince McMahon in 1999 or 2000 and he wanted the Rock and I do to more movies," said Levesque, who has been married to McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, for nearly eight years. "The Rock was really interested in that. I was crushed, really. I didn't want to do that. I loved wrestling so much and I still do today."

Levesque's most memorable role has been as Jarko in "Blade: Trinity," along with his current co-star Posey. Even after the release of this film, Levesque is taking it one movie at a time.

"I like going to work and coming home to my family, my kids and my dog," Levesque said. "If I wanted to, I could make phone calls in Hollywood and get more movie roles. But I have no interest in that. Wrestling is my passion."