'Madden' sim: Cowboys, Witten beat Redskins

Mon, Sep 26
EA Sports

We try to answer all of these questions and more Every NFL game this week has been simulated with the help of EA Sports and "Madden NFL 12" using the game's advanced artificial intelligence, complete with winners, statistical leaders, and even the player of the game.

Check out who "Madden" thinks is going to win before the games are even played, including Monday night's game, the Washington Redskins visiting the Dallas Cowboys:

This is a game of Jason Witten domination as the Cowboys' tight end catches nine passes for 104 yards and one touchdown to help Dallas take down their rivals from D.C. The Redskins jumped out to an early lead, but Tony Romo led two impressive third-quarter drives, resulting in 14 points, to help Dallas earn their second victory of the season.

Click here for a box score and game leaders.

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