Django Walker proud of Texas Longhorns anthem

Fri, Oct 7

When I was just a kid, my dad told me

When it comes to football in Texas, there's only one team

They play down in Austin, Saturdays in the fall

At Darrell K. Royal, 100,000 strong

To prepare for the 106th meeting of No. 11 Texas and No. 3 Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry on Saturday, check out the anthem of the Longhorns, written by country singer/songwriter Django Walker.

"There is nothing better than game-day Saturday watching the Texas Longhorns take the field," said Walker, who had help from songwriter Patrick Davis on the tune now used throughout Longhorn athletics. "I wrote this because some of my favorite memories are Vince Young crossing the goal line and Ricky Williams standing there with the Heisman. … As a songwriter, that is how we express ourselves, through lyrics and melody."

Walker, 30, was born and raised in Austin, Texas, home of the Longhorns, and studied music in Europe. He played basketball in high school and semipro ball in England, but music was his first love.

His whole family is Longhorn proud.

"My dad lived in Austin most of his life and would take me to Longhorn games as a kid, and my mother and sister graduated from UT," Walker said. "I now live in Nashville. Davis had written a song about South Carolina, and when I heard it, I knew I had to write one about the Longhorns."

Yeah, I'm one of the chosen, who's blood runs burnt orange,

Thank God I was born - A Texas Longhorn!

Yeah, we're part of the chosen, who's blood runs burnt orange,

Thank God we were born - Texas Longhorns!