Samari Rolle makes Page 2's All-Appetizer Team

Sat, Oct 15

If a certain soup can be said to resemble a meal, then maybe the All-Appetizer Team can be as satisfying as the main course. Sample a few offerings and get back to us with your recommendations.

Wingo Anderson: The member of the 1910 Cincinnati Reds surely tried to wing it. In 17 1/3 innings, he walked 17 batters. His defense let him down by permitting six unearned runs in Anderson's time on the hill, but he probably didn't complain too much. As a pitcher, you can't get too wild with your rhetoric if you're wild with your fastball.

Soup Campbell: This Clarence Campbell had nothing to do with hockey. He didn't make a massive contribution to baseball, either, but at least he worked his way to the Majors, becoming the second of the five Campbells nicknamed "Soup" to get there. This Campbell played for the Indians from 1940-41.

Buffalo Bill Hogg: History struggles to remember Hogg, who pitched for the Yankees' precursors, the New York Highlanders, from 1905-08. But he apparently came close to an unwanted spot in immortality. Before the 1907 season, the Tigers considered trading for Hogg and were close to a deal before ultimately deciding they wouldn't part after all with a 20-year-old outfielder. And so Ty Cobb remained a Tiger and Hogg did not become part of the most one-sided transaction in baseball history.

Chip Lohmiller: For the Washington Redskins in their glory days, everything was a Chip shot. Lohmiller is the only player in NFL history to attempt 40 or more field goals in four seasons. He did that from 1989-92.

Samari Rolle: Although he had to participate in out-of-season practices at Florida State, the defensive back was not a spring roll. He was a factor in the fall, earning All-ACC honors at FSU and a Pro Bowl trip with the Titans in 2000. Rolle was drafted by the Titans in 1998 and stayed with them until getting traded to Baltimore before the 2005 season. He retired in 2009.

And that's a wrap.