Wilmer Valderrama helps Asher Bradshaw film

Sat, Oct 22

Skateboard grom sensation Asher Bradshaw has been making friends with high-profile skate legends like Tony Alva and Skip Engblom in the Venice, Calif. skateboarding community -- and collecting millions of YouTube fans -- as word of his skatepark prowess has spread. His eighth birthday is coming up in November, and he's already been attracting media attention from all over the place --- including on ESPN -- and is the star of a new documentary film currently heading into post-production. Director Kathy Herndl calls "SHReD: The Story of Asher Bradshaw" a passion project, and after shooting more than 140 hours of footage of Bradshaw blasting out of bowls and blowing minds wherever he rolls over the last 18 months she's taken to Kickstarter.com to try to raise the $100,000 completion funds she needs to finish the documentary and take it out on the film festival circuit.

"I was down in L.A. when the Venice Skatepark opened a few years ago and there was a huge crowd," Herndl recalls. "All of a sudden I see this little tiny kid busting a three-foot air in front of me, and every single person down there is cheering and clapping and shouting, 'Oh my God!' Everybody could see that they were watching something special unfold, and I knew I had to learn more about this kid and where he came from. I eventually met his dad and learned that he'd first stepped on a skateboard just 14 months before that day."

Herndl started shooting within a few weeks of meeting Bradshaw and his father, and the first footage she released -- "6 year old skateboarder Asher Bradshaw at Venice Beach Skatepark" on YouTube -- went viral when it was posted to YouTube in September 2010.

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