Search for gym works out at Oxford, England

Wed, Nov 9
TBDAP PhotoDuff McKagan's search for a workout led him down a trail blazed by the legendary Roger Bannister.

I'm currently on a nine-day British Isles tour, with my rock band Loaded. Needless to say, I'm not at home curled-up all comfy-like, watching college football and NFL games over the weekend.

Modern tour buses these days do have satellite Internet service installed in them. But like satellite radio in your car, every time you go under a tree, or come into the least shadow of a tall building or bridge … your reception just goes to the dogs. Also, there is an eight-hour time difference between here and there.

With that being said, you can understand it if I state that "I shan't be writing on the game of football this week."

One sporty thing I can do every day out here on tour is to work out. This healthy hobby of mine has given me a pretty spectacular dual view of some of our cities and countries all around the world.

Even if it is just simply jogging on one particular day for a workout, what better mode of travel does a tourist have other than running through cities such as London, Brussels, Osaka or even Boise. You get to discover sights, people, activities and whatever else on your own terms, and often by surprise (as in … "Wow, I'm at Buckingham Palace!").

Whether it's health clubs, hotel gyms, rowing clubs, or dojos -- I've been able to shed sweat onto some pretty exotic floors.

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