Five Finger Death Punch's Bathory pulls no punches

Thu, Nov 17
Zoltan BathoryGetty Images, Zoltan BathoryThe two sides of Zoltan Bathory.

Determination has been Zoltan Bathory's mindset since childhood. Growing up in communist Hungary, the Five Finger Death Punch guitarist never took no for an answer. Much of that confidence, usually misconstrued by detractors as arrogance, comes from lessons he learned on the mat.

Bathory's introduction to martial arts came when his parents enrolled him in judo classes, attempting to temper his schoolyard aggression. That discipline has served him well. Today, he's a member of the Gracie Humaita Las Vegas competition team, under professors Amilcar Cipili and Don Charley, and the instilled respect and indomitable sense of sureness have carried over to his musical career.

Zoltan recently spent two days training with UFC fighter Kyle Watson, and he regularly trains on the road. Last year, touring with Godsmack, he suffered a rib injury while sparring -- rolling in martial arts jargon -- that made being onstage uncomfortable, often painful.

Currently headlining the Share The Welt tour, with Hatebreed and All That Remains, the self-proclaimed ambassador for the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy admitted to The Life that he was again recovering from an injury suffered on the mat.

The Life: You got hurt again?

Bathory: [Laughs] Yeah, I keep doing that to myself. The injuries, so far, it's always self-inflicted, like I torque somebody or throw somebody too hard. Sometimes it requires pretty fast, explosive power. The mistake I'm making [is] I'm [too] lazy to warm up. [Laughs]

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