Help us with unlikely Thanksgiving sports prayers

Mon, Nov 21

This is one of the best weeks of the year as long as you are not a turkey. If you are a turkey, hopefully you are a skinny one that nobody would want to eat. Of course, if you are a turkey, how in the world are you reading this?

We digress. The point is that we pause on Thanksgiving Day to give thanks for our bountiful blessings. And dispite the economy, most of us have much that is worthy of giving thanks. Even the Indianapolis Colts.

And that's what we are asking from you this week. There are teams and individuals in the world of sports who may seemingly not have much to celebrate. But there's got to be something even for those who are feeding at the bottom of the food chain. And that is the basis for our reader-generated list for this special Thursday: "Top 10 Unlikely Thanksgiving Sports Prayers."

As usual we want funny but not distasteful. We want sarcasm but not meaness. You've got the entire sporting world from which to choose. Send your suggestions to -- including your first name, initial of your last name and your location. You have until noon Wednesday and the list will appear here on Thanksgiving Day just in time to carve the bird (and we don't mean the Arizona Cardinals).

But what would a turkey's prayer be?

"Please let them love ham?"