Richard Petty is among stars on All-Navy Team

Sat, Dec 3

Attention, recruits. Shine your shoes, keep your side of the room clean and prepare for turbulence on the high seas. It's time for Page 2's All-Navy Team.

Ensign Cottrell: Like most career military officers, this Ensign bounced around from one duty station to another. In five seasons in the early 1900s, he pitched for five MLB teams, three of which required his services for exactly one game.

Captain Munnerlyn: When you're a rookie, being known as Captain can set you up for some serious hazing. But put in your time, and you can justify the moniker. After a couple of years as a part-time player, Munnerlyn has started all 11 Carolina Panthers games in 2011.

Hannibal Navies: The linebacker from the University of Colorado played for four NFL teams between 1999-2007, but the San Diego Chargers, the franchise closest to a major Navy installation, weren't among them. Even so, it's fair to say Navies decked more than a few ball-carriers.

Richard Petty: The winner of 200 NASCAR races is the point man in the second generation of the sport's first family and another example of a guy whose achievements exceed his nominal standing in the Navy, in which petty officers fall near the middle of the hierarchy.

Tony Seaman: The lacrosse coach shares his last name with a low rank in the service, but in three decades of pacing the sidelines, he climbed the career ladder pretty well, taking a total of 19 teams from Penn, Johns Hopkins and Towson to the NCAA tournament. He is one of only two coaches to be named Coach of the Year at two schools.