Dwight Dasher makes Page 2's All-Reindeer Team

Sat, Dec 17

There's one thing about this economic slowdown thing that Page 2 feels has been underreported: When you buy gift cards or order shipping of products directly from the source to the destination and casually bypass the time-honored means of Christmas delivery, you're marginalizing the reindeer. As a tribute to the working class, we're 99 percent hopeful you'll appreciate the All-Reindeer Team:

"Comet" Archdeacon: Maurice John Archdeacon was also known as "Flash," but there are no known or reputed Santa associates by that name, so we'll put him on our team because of the moniker Comet, which he likely garnered after setting a record for running the bases in 13.4 seconds during a pre-game exhibition when he played in the International League in 1921. But it seems a curious nickname for a guy who got thrown out on 10 of his 23 steal attempts in three seasons with the White Sox (1923-25). Curious, but convenient for the purposes of membership here.

Dwight Dasher: Given the colors of the season, Dasher might have made a pretty good Red Raider, but he wound up as a Blue Raider for Middle Tennessee State, which he helped claim an early present one year: a victory over Southern Miss in the 2009 New Orleans Bowl, played a few nights before The Big Ride.

Helmuth Donner: Studies haven't been really done on this, but when Santa and the other reindeer needed sleigh propulsion, perhaps they looked to our Donner, a high jumper in the 1960 Olympics as a 19-year-old from Austria.

Clem Moore: This minor league outfielder hit his prime about 100 years after Clement Clarke Moore, the poet whose work "A Visit From St. Nicholas" made pop icons out of some tiny reindeer, finished his ode. Our Clem didn't deliver the goods particularly well, hitting .227 in 1921 and 1922 with two lower-level clubs.

Coleman Rudolph: An All-American at Georgia Tech in 1992, Rudolph the Yellow-Jacketed Defensive End is considered one of the greats in Tech history. He's also one of the 39 men to play for the New York Jets and New York Giants, which makes his nose about every color in the spectrum other than red.