Tim Tebow unplugged: A fan spoofs a spoof

Sat, Dec 17

Tim Tebow has been praised. He's been ridiculed. He's even been Seinfelded, tatted, Fatheaded and turned into a tortoise.

Now he's been unplugged -- but in a guitar-rock sort of way.

That's thanks to Denver-born, Los Angeles-based Chad Neidt -- a film editor by day, a budding musician by night -- who saw DJ Steve Porter's Tebow/Skip Bayless remix and just had to do an acoustic version.

It's not the first time Neidt has tackled Porter; he also went guitar on the DJ's "Slap Chop Rap." But it was the Broncos fan's first chance to represent his hometown, an idea that started with a little bit of guitar strumming on Monday, then became real when his roommate told him to record it.

"I was like: 'You know what? I'm going to do it. It's Tebow time, baby,'" said Neidt, who was so charged he even went before a run before recording. "What would Tebow do, right?"

Well, in the words of Bayless -- as remixed by Porter and sung by Neidt -- it would probably involve winning.