Help us with signs high-profile marriage is over

Mon, Dec 19

December can be the best of months but also can be the worst of months as so many things must come to year's end often including marriages. Two of sports' highest profile couples are calling it quits as Deion and Pilar Sanders have announced an amiable divorce while Vanessa Bryant is ending her marriage with Kobe Bryant due to "irreconcilable differences."

Hard for sports fans to be shocked, of course, because most team sports are built on the foundation that one day you will be discarded. Player, coach, equipment manager, even team physician -- everyone awaits "irreconcilable differences."

And perhaps that's true of us all.

But our focus is sports, so that's why this week's reader-generated list will be "Top 10 Tips Your Sports Marriage Is Over." As always we are looking for Dave Letterman-type tips instead of Dr. Phil-type tips. Send your best ones to -- and if you hope to make the actual list, you must include a first name, initial of your last name and your town.

As for these two cases that prompted the list, they appear to be vastly different in tone.

Deion Sanders watched his former team, the Dallas Cowboys, beat up on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Saturday then announced his separation from Pilar on (where else?) Facebook. That sounded mutually planned.

Meanwhile, rumors are rife about the Bryant splitup. Much discussion about how much Kobe is worth and how much he may be giving up. And what about that $4 million "apology ring" he gave her in 2003? You don't think they will split it in half, do you?

Tell us what you think and have your "humor cap" on. We need suggestions for "Top 10 Tips Your Sports Marriage Is Over." You have a noon Wednesday deadline and the list will appear here Thursday.

Closing with "Happy holidays" hardly seems appropriate, does it?