NFL head coaches inspire list of spoof band names

Tue, Jan 10

Apropos of nothing, Page 2 presents a list of spoof band names pegged to the names of current NFL head coaches:

• Norv Turner Overdrive

• Smashing Coughlins

Romeo Crennel, Todd Haley
Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesJust as Romeo Crennel eclipsed Todd Haley with the Chiefs, The Romeo Crennel Experience trumps Todd the Wet Sprocket.

• Lovie and the Blowfish

• Bill Belichick and the Heartbreakers

• Earth, Wind and Munchak

• Mike McCarthy and the Mechanics

• Caldwell, Stills, Schwartz and Reid

• Lynyrd Kubiak

Todd the Wet Sprocket Van Haley
The Romeo Crennel Experience

• The Mamas and the Harbaughs

• Roger Goodell and the Union Gap (bonus commissioner entry!)

• Led Shanahan

• Rex Pistols

Have your own spoof band names inspired by the NFL coaching fraternity? Post them to the comments section.