Danny Davis gets by with little help from 'Frends'

Thu, Jan 19

With Frends like these, who needs injuries?

Early in January of 2010, snowboarder Danny Davis suffered blows to the pelvis and spine when he misused an ATV in Utah, effectively ending his shot at the Vancouver Olympics. Screws were placed in his shattered pelvis, and doctors fused his lumbar vertebrae to repair the damage.

Two years later, the outgoing Davis -- member of the popular Frends Crew; spelled as such because there's no "I" in friend -- is back to compete in the Winter Dew Tour's Pantech Invitational in Killington, Vt., this weekend, a month after finishing 12th in the Superpipe Division at the Nike Open.

"I've had a little trouble getting everything back, so it's been a slow start," Davis said. "Last year I had to take it easy, and now I'm finally at a point where I can try anything my body lets me. There's some days when I feel like it's really quickened, and some days when I feel like it's not.

"I feel like it's going to take me some time. Have to be patient. [It's] not all going to come back at once."

And if -- or quite possibly when -- the skills that won Davis a Grand Prix event before his injury return, he'll almost certainly credit the support of the Frends Crew, the group with which Davis rides, hangs out and creates.

While injured, Davis went three or four months without seeing the Crew, sitting at home in Utah while they traveled and shredded. Now he's back cruising with them. Finally.

"We're just a bunch of kids who snowboard together, grew up doing the contests together, and we really fed off each other's company," said Davis, who along with the Crew have made a few video comedy skits for their website. "We're just having a good time, it's all the same. Life's awful without laughing, so if you can always be laughing, things will be better. There's a couple guys taking it super seriously with their coach, and the focus is rad, but I can't help but have fun out there and try to keep it loose."