'American Idol' star Durbin gets in tune with NFL

Tue, Jan 24

James Durbin never really followed football growing up. His primary sport was always wrestling. But over the past two years, one of his best friends -- his current guitarist -- turned him onto the NFL.

And now the "American Idol" star has an anthem for the sport he's only recently learning about from a fan standpoint.

How quickly things accelerate.

On Tuesday, Durbin's music video for "Stand Up" will be released to the public, (with the sports-specific version above released on ESPN.com). The song is on Durbin's debut album "Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster," and has been played on JumboTrons throughout the NFL during this past season.

"It's cool, I'm just gonna say that," said Durbin, calling from the lobby of the Conan O'Brien studios during a promo tour. "It's a pipe dream to be the anthem for the NFL. 'Stand Up' is just what it says, it's that song to get you pumped. It's the fun, get the f--- out of your seat kind of song."

Following the conclusion of "Idol" season 10, in which Durbin finished fourth, the NFL approached him to gauge interest in recording a song for their "Gameday Volume 2" soundtrack. Needless to say, he jumped at the opportunity.

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