Logan Morrison trying to take LoMoing viral

Fri, Jan 27

First, there was planking. Then Tebowing. Now prepare for the latest Internet meme to sweep the sports world:


Haven't heard of it? Well, Logan Morrison is looking to change that. The Marlins outfielder introduced what he hopes will become the next Web phenomenon in his MLB Fan Cave "audition" video.

He followed up the pose's debut by unveiling a contest on Twitter on Thursday, offering prizes for the best LoMoing photos submitted by followers. LoMoing, for the uninitiated, involves reclining on one's side and confidently pointing at the camera.

One of the most active major league baseball players on social media, Morrison attempted to explain the move on Twitter, posting, "2 accurately describe #LoMoing it would be 1 pt Tebowing (minus the prayer & whole lot sexier) & 1 pt Trust Fall. Make sense?"

Not really, but fortunately, he included a photo with his tweet.

While LoMoing has yet to reach the level of Tebow's signature kneel, submissions have begun to hit the Web with fans posing everywhere from their kitchens to the Navy.

And with the contest running until Jan. 31, there's still plenty of time for the Twitterverse to take LoMoing viral.