What will be 10 unlikely moments on Sunday?

Mon, Jan 30

Between now and kickoff of Super Bowl Whatever (I'm not Roman and you're not Roman so why use their numbers?) just how many words will be written and spoken predicting what's going to happen? "Far too many" is the correct answer.

But it doesn't matter because something will surprise us as something always does on Super Bowl Sunday whether before, during or after "the Big Game." (If you are not paying the NFL to use the words "Super" and "Bowl," you have to call it "the Big Game.") Here are a few surprising moments from the past:

• In the very first (number I if you're keeping count) Super Bowl, NBA missed the second-half kickoff because it was still interviewing Bob Hope so they actually did the kickoff again.

• Back in VII, Miami Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian forgot who he was and decided to pass. And the result was a touchdown -- for Washington.

• Then there was halftime of XXXVIII when Janet Jackson had a "wardrobe malfunction" that seemingly was going to destroy network television. Madonna is this year's middle-aged halftime performer and recently said: "You don't have to show nipples to be interesting."

That's always been my motto.

But you get my point. Expect the unexpected, which is the basis for this week's reader-generated list: "Top 10 Unlikely Moments On Super Bowl Sunday." The entire day is open to you from the endless pregame shows to the game to the halftime to the Puppy Bowl to whomever says "I'm going to Disney World!"

Of course we want funny so, please, no football strategy or anything like that. Think of what you would like to see that would make you laugh. As always, send your suggestions to osogreene@aol.com including your first name, initial of your last name and your location. You have until noon Wednesday and the list will appear here Thursday.

Message to Madonna -- you're welcome to play.