What items should be banned for Super Bowl?

Mon, Jan 30

Take THAT, Boston.

As Super Bowl XLVI approaches, one New York bar has announced that it's banning the sale of Sam Adams Boston Lager during the big game between the Giants and Patriots.

But that's not the only preventative measure being taken in the two cities on Super Bowl Sunday. Here are some others Page 2 has discovered:

• In Boston, no Green Giant vegetables. Just Del Monte.

• New York cable companies will not show any "Brady Bunch" reruns.

• Boston cable companies will ban all versions of "Law & Order." Except the L.A. one.

• In New York, all Boston cover bands must become Journey cover bands.

• Download a They Might Be Giants song in Boston? Federal offense. Even if you did it legally.

• Martin Scorsese will remove "The Departed" from his IMDB page.

• In New York, all men named Pat must go by Patrick. Unless they're Patriots fans, in which case it's something we can't print here.

• Finally, New York will issue a temporary ban on patriotism. In fact, the Statue of Liberty must wear a lampshade all day.