Check out Giants' Mark Herzlich on #followfriday

Fri, Feb 3

During this week of overdramatized buildup and dissection of Super Bowl XLVI, Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich serves as a reminder that ultimately it's just a game.

On May 14, 2009, while playing for Boston College, Herzlich announced that he had been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma -- a rare form of bone cancer. If controlled, an individual diagnosed with this form of the disease is generally given a 65 percent chance at survival. However, Herzlich's cancer had metastasized. He was given a 10 percent chance to live. Even if he survived, Herzlich was told by doctors that he might never walk again.

On Sunday, Mark Herzlich will play in the Super Bowl.

In honor of @MarkHerzlich, Page 2 presents Mark Herzlich's most inspirational moments on Twitter:

• Live with a glass half-full approach

• Never forget where you came from on the path to where you're going

• Keep goals in perspective

• Surround yourself with people you love

• Enjoy the simple things

@MarkHerzlich, Cancer Survivor / New York Giant #58/ BC Alum