Walker Gillette makes our All-NFL Stadium Team

Sat, Feb 4

Welcome to Page 2's All-NFL Stadium Team, which will not hit you with a 5.436 percent surcharge on rental cars, slap you with Personal Seat License fees or threaten to pack up in the middle of a snowstorm and move to a place that will need another upgrade within 20 years.

T.J. Ford: The point guard has played in an NFL stadium and a facility recently named for an auto manufacturer. He did so for the Texas basketball team in the 2004 NCAA Final Four at the monstrosity now known as the Mercedes Superdome. Alas, the Longhorns were dispatched in the semifinals, which meant the dome did not become known as Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions.

Walker Gillette: Razor-sharp route-running presumably explains how this University of Richmond wide receiver hung around the NFL long enough to make 153 catches. In the 1970s, he played for the Chargers, Rams and Giants but not for the Patriots, whose home field bears the name of the grooming-products company.

Ray James: How on earth did the Bucs pass on this guy? The stadium has got his name on it. Well, there's one problem. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't exist when this Raymond James was a prospect. He played one season at Ole Miss in 1953.

Eddie Jones: Having made more than $100 million in an NBA career that featured three All-Star selections and playoff appearances with five teams between 1994-2008, Jones has no doubt benefited from various investment services such as those provided by the naming-rights holder of the St. Louis Rams' home dome. But he's not a perfect match for Edward Jones; his full name is Eddie Charles Jones.

John Lucas: Best known these days for his valuable work as a drug-rehab counselor, Lucas may be the best athlete in ACC history. Really. In the same academic year, he earned first-team honors in basketball and tennis at Maryland. Those sports aren't only dissimilar; they're played in consecutive seasons. Anybody who saw the lefty from Durham, N.C., play on the court -- either one -- will tell you he could do it all. He went on to play and coach in the NBA. Lucas was, in short, a well-oiled sporting machine who makes this squad because Lucas Oil Stadium is hosting the Super Bowl.