Anderson Silva talks 'UFC Undisputed 3,' Jon Jones

Thu, Feb 16
Anderson Silva and Vitor BelfortRic Fogel For ESPN.comAnderson Silva stars in "UFC Undisputed 3," front kicks and all.

When Anderson Silva fights, it's like my eyes are addicted to his every move.

Think he's going right? Boom! Left foot to the face.

Think dominating four rounds has him beat? He makes you tap in the fifth with the triangle armbar.

Silva is the greatest fighter of his generation, and arguably the greatest mixed-martial artist to ever step foot in any ring or octagon, but when I tell him he's like the Michael Jordan of UFC, Silva's humility is almost staggering.

"No, there's no comparison," he tells me over the phone as we talk MMA, video games, and dream fights. "Michael Jordan is too big to compare to."

Then again, with Silva now sporting the same swoosh Jordan helped make famous, it's the "Spider" who is the poster boy for his sport, hooking hardcore and casual fans alike with hit after hit from his potent arsenal.

And as humble as he likes to carry himself outside of the octagon, inside, he's the closest thing we've seen to Muhammad Ali since "The Greatest" injured a stone, hospitalized a brick, and showed the world he was so mean, he could make medicine sick.

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