Albert Pujols needs a new nickname; we're on it

Thu, Feb 23

Sentient muscle wagon Albert Pujols does not like being called "El Hombre" out of respect to one of his heroes, Stan "The Man" Musial, with whom he became acquainted during his 11 seasons in St. Louis. But the marketing department of the Los Angeles Angels didn't get the message, and now they've stirred the goateed slugger's wrath by erecting 20 "El Hombre" billboards in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.

Albert Pujols
Art Streiber for ESPN The MagazineAlbert Pujols doesn't like being called "El Hombre." You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

The big man has spoken, and it's due time he got a new nickname.

So what's it gonna be? We've got a few suggestions of our own, but feel free to pitch your own ideas in the comments. The best sobriquet wins a day strapped to Pujols' chest in a baby carrier.

La Hombrette
The Sultan of Adjusted OPS
The Baron of Bald
Poo Gehrig
El Puque
Pookie Blaylock
Winnie the Slugger
Slug Bug
Rollie Dingers
The Anti-Urkel
The Twitching Pectoral
Your Pal Al
The Bulldozer Who Wished To Be A Boy
Twilight: Quaking Brawn
Ol' Sequoia Fingers
Jer-bert Lin-jols