What will Vikings get for $975 million stadium?

Fri, Mar 2

It will require political give and take for the state of Minnesota, the city of Minneapolis and the NFL's Vikings to persuade politicians to get a proposed $975 million stadium built.

So Vikings fans, scratch team owner Zygi Wilf's back, and he'll scratch your wallets.

The bullet points in a Minneapolis Star Tribune report made us ponder the plans for "Metrodome 2: Dome Sweet Dome" ...

• The Vikings want a window to lure an MLS team -- to play rent-free. Genius! There could be no limit to what third- and fourth-tier sports can be brought in to help pay the rent (OH WAIT, I forgot, the important part about having ancillary teams play there is that they don't pay rent. #MortgagePaymentFail)

Worst-case: Offer tax breaks for a Canadian Football League team. Excuse me a minute, I must trademark the team name "Minneapolis Canadians."

• The model stadium the planners point to is Lucas Oil Stadium. As in, "Let's copy what Indianapolis did." Does that include making sure the tenant football team drafts the greatest quarterback of his era? Christian Ponder, we had no idea the Vikings had THAT much faith in you!

• Don't forget interactive fan exhibits. Toss-up, Vikings fans: Would you rather have money earmarked for a "Brett Favre in Minneapolis: For Us And Against Us" museum or a full-scale mockup of the Vikings' 2005 Love Boat that can be rented out for parties?

My vote would be for the Favre museum. But only if it stars an animatronic Favre that can chuck a football over your head.