Calvin Hill, Lee Mayberry on All-Jeans Team

Sat, Mar 3

Real. Comfortable. List. That's the way we hope the All-Jeans Team fits you as you try it on for size while taking in the weekend's sporting events. Pickup truck and pickup football game extra.

Calvin Hill: Now known best as Grant's father, Calvin Hill could have been a decent jeans pitchman for Calvin Klein or any number of others in his playing days. He finished in the NFL's Top 10 in rushing yards in four seasons, but best of all, he was a Dallas Cowboy. Instant credibility on two counts.

Wayne Levi: The former PGA Tour player pronounces his last name like "Levee," but we'll boot-cut him a break. He won 12 Tour events and placed in the Top 10 in 74 others, earning $4.7 million along the way. The Tour's 1990 Player of the Year is taking his hacks with success on the senior circuit these days.

Lee Mayberry: This guy had bad luck. He finished his NBA career with an expansion team, but wound up with the Vancouver Grizzlies (1996-99) rather than the Charlotte Hornets. Had it been Charlotte, he'd have been a viable spokesman for Lee jeans thanks to his last name, also given to the fictional town in "The Andy Griffith Show." Mount Airy, N.C., the real town on which Mayberry is based, is about two hours from Charlotte.

Dickie Noles: The Phillies pitcher is credited with turning around the 1980 World Series with one pitch, a chin-high heater in proximity of Royals hitter extraordinaire George Brett. The Royals stopped hitting shortly thereafter and the Phils broke a decades-long drought to win the world title. Dickies jeans and other work attire are products of a company founded in 1922 in Bryan, Texas.

Bobby Riggs: If they had made "The Hustler" about tennis instead of billiards, this character would have been the protagonist. Riggs, who shares his last name with a brand of Wranglers marketed toward construction workers, allegedly bet on his and others' action in several racquet sports. He challenged total strangers in table tennis, regular tennis and whatever else looked feasible. He's best known for playing and losing to Billie Jean King in a social drama in Houston's Astrodome in 1973 when he was 55.