Page 2 sees higher parking fees at Dodger Stadium

Wed, Mar 28

A group that includes basketball superstar Magic Johnson is set to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2 billion, ending the reign of error of beleaguered owner Frank McCourt.

With one technicality: McCourt retains some rights to some of the real estate surrounding Dodger Stadium -- including half the parking lots.

Naturally, Page 2 expects McCourt to implement the following increases to be made in the way of parking fees at Chavez Ravine:

$20: General parking

$40: Preferred parking

$55: Tommy Lasorda

$300: Vin Scully (unless he can talk his way past security)

$400: Alyssa Milano

$500: Phil Jackson's motorcycle

$700: Blake Griffin's Kia

$800: Kobe Bryant's helicopter

$1,000: Vanessa Bryant's jetpack

£1,000: David and Victoria Beckham

$10,000: Peter O'Malley (family discount no longer honored)

$100,000: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian his-and-hers parking

$1 billion: Magic Johnson (payable in installments)

$1 trillion: Jamie McCourt