Seann William Scott not a real-life hockey 'Goon'

Thu, Mar 29

Jay Baruchel and Seann William Scott sit at a table at a Beverly Hills hotel, riffing -- to each other, basically -- about the time one of them lost a top-secret script for a major Hollywood blockbuster on an airplane (he didn't get the part), and the time actor/oddball Randy Quaid punched the other one in the face (it was an accident), and even their strategy if forced to fight a child. ("Take that, you [expletive]!")

Their easy banter gives rise to two thoughts: (1) Here sit two actors with whom you'd want to have a beer. (2) They must've had a swell time filming "Goon," their comedy about a bouncer (Scott, of "American Pie" fame) who finds his calling as a minor league hockey enforcer.

Based on a book about real-life hockey goon Doug Smith, the film (available now on VOD; hits theaters Friday) was co-written by Baruchel, an actor by trade ("Knocked Up") who also co-stars as Scott's hockey-obsessed pal. The role was not a stretch for the Montreal native.

"I grew up in hockey's birthplace, home to the winningest franchise in history," Baruchel said of his beloved Canadiens. "I probably watch 76 out of their 82 games."

Scott, on the other hand, watches -- well, the opposite of that.

"I knew nothing about the sport," the L.A.-bred actor admitted. "I was lucky to have Jay for research and doubles for the skating. I'm awful at hockey."

How awful?

"In a game against little kids, I'd pick Sean," Baruchel said. "Mostly to see him beat the crap out of an 8-year-old."

The film's fight scenes were all Scott, who goes blade-to-blade with Liev Schreiber's character, a rival goon.

"Liev's a big boy," Scott said. "And he knows Kung Fu. He'd beat the [expletive] out of me in real life."

In a way, "Goon" has its own adversary: "Slap Shot," the legendary hockey laugher to which all sports comedies -- and hockey ones, certainly -- are compared.

"I think our movie is a 21st Century opera, a movie hockey fans have been waiting for," Baruchel said, gamely. "'Slap Shot' is holy, but 'Slap Shot' was made in 1976. And that's all I'll say about that."