7Lions' 'Born 2 Run' catches on in sports world

Fri, Mar 30

7Lions doesn't have a debut album out yet. But it's already found firm footing in the sports world.

The Los Angeles band's single, "Born 2 Run," has already been used during television broadcasts for NASCAR races, NFL and MLB games, and during the Australian Open and Breeders' Cup coverage on ESPN. And now, they debut the song's video on ESPN Music.

The song is also catching on at grass-roots levels, in marathons, workouts and road races, a testament to the theme of the song, according to Prophet (a.k.a. Mika Guillory), the group's rapper.

"Some of the stuff we talk about in the verses is about how life goes fast, but you still need to reflect and write through anything adversity-wise, to try to come through it on the other side," Prophet said. "We were born to basically struggle through these things. Sports is such a struggle. It's about challenging your body, your mind and your spirit.

"[The song] is such a symbiotic tie-in, helping motivate people to maintain an active lifestyle."

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