Nov. 10, 2003
Ageless QB
Doug Flutie:

41-year-old ran for 2 TDs and threw for 2 more, sparking the Chargers to the unlikeliest W of the day, 42-28 over the Vikings.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

The NFL's "worst" teams get a bad rap: Having a crappy record didn't stop the league's dregs (record-wise) -- Falcons, Jags, Chargers, Lions -- from winning season-making games yesterday.

Stupendously failing to live up to potential is much worse: The NFL's true bottom rung: (5) Dolphins, (4) Bills, (3) Bucs, (2) Giants, (1) Raiders.

NFL Week 10 Hot/Not
Nothing hotter: Chiefs WR Johnnie Morton's post-TD "worm" has become the end-zone celebration of the year. (Points for technical merit and originality!) By the time the Chiefs are 16-0, his break-dancing revival will be sweeping the nation. More hot/not:

For real:
Hot: Panthers
Not: Vikings

Hot: Jags over Colts?!
Not: Jets over Raiders

Backup QB:
Hot: Doug Flutie
Not: Rick Mirer

Coach off hot seat:
Hot: Steve Spurrier
Not: Jim Fassel

Cowboys wisdom:
Hot: Keep on winning
Not: House of cards

CFB: 1-Loss Watch
College football's "We Must Have a Playoff!" whiners club took three big hits: Miami, Fla St and Va Tech.

Reminder: The regular season is a de facto playoff; this season has been textbook. Of the remaining one-loss contenders:

LSU (Projected BCS: 4)
Stumbler: at SEC-unbeaten Ole Miss.

Ohio State (Proj. BCS: 3)
Stumbler: at motivated Michigan.

USC: (Proj. BCS: 2)
Stumbler: None. Only laughers left.

Gee, see how that works? No-muss, no-fuss title game: "Manifest BCS-tiny" -- juggernaut Oklahoma crushes USC.

1 Flute-aissance: 41-y.o. leads Charge, topples Vikes
2 Spurrier disappoints critics: 'Skins beat Seahawks
3 1-Loss Watch: Bye-bye, Miami ... Va Tech ... Fla St ...
1 ACC's football-poach "coup": Miami and Va Tech? Whoops
2 Cavs going 0-82: LeBron gets first W, over iffy Wizards
3 R. Clemens, Athens Olympian: USA baseball non-qualifier
MLB: Rookies Rule
Wait a sec: Is it "R.O.Y." (Rookie of the Year) or "R.O.I." (Return on Investment)? In the AL, expensive Yankees non-rookie rookie Hideki Matsui comes through on both (with sensational Japanese SS Kaz Matsui -- no relation, except in price and pedigree -- coming in '04).

NL: Dontrelle Willis wins the popular vote, but Diamondbacks P Brandon Webb has the electoral votes (darn him).

Coming tomorrow: AL Pedro Cy Young.

Roy Jones Wants Tyson
After barely beating Antonio Tarver, Roy Jones made his intentions clear: "Me and Mike Tyson, that's all I want," he said. Well, that ... and the sick $40 mil payday that comes with it.

Jeer Eye for JoePa
Has the game passed Paterno by? Northwestern 17, Penn State 7. Maybe he just needs a fashion makeover:

Now: Pompadour
Needs: Visor

Now: Oversized
Needs: Oakleys

Now: "Del Boca Vista"
Needs: "Dolce/Gabbana"

Now: "Slacks"
Needs: Flat-fronts

Now: Zzzzz ...
Needs: Names

MLB Free Agency
Based on Florida's success story, payroll-inflating free-spending on pricey free agents is out -- and value-shopping is in -- when the free-agency derby starts today.

Hello, LaTroy Hawkins! Thanks to this increased demand, mid-tier players win. (Compare to the NBA, where the "middle class" has become all but extinct.)

Big-mouth U-Miami TE
Kellen Winslow II:

Apologized (barely) for oh-so-sensitive Veterans Day-appropriate sentiments Saturday justifying his postgame rage because he was a "[bleeping] soldier."
Today on
P2: Life in San Quentin
IN: MLB Rumor Central
NFL: Week 10 Wrap-Up
Ranking NFL's Top 5:
Chiefs (9-0)
Don't play Titans 'til playoffs
Titans (7-2)
McNair is NFL MVP to beat
Panthers (7-2)
"Prove It?" Beat Bucs II
Patriots (7-2)
Bye week to kick back
Cowboys (7-2)
What the ...?!

Heisman Watch: No offense to Okla QB Jason White (Trophy lock), but Ole Miss QB Eli Manning's 6-0 SEC record is more impressive ...

MNF: Brett Favre is coming back next year, but you should watch (and appreciate) like he isn't ...

As discovered Saturday night, Andy Roddick is SO not funny (more: Jess "My Life is a Sit-Com" Simpson got a network sit-com deal) ...

Congrats to final Winston Cup champ Matt Kenseth (next year, it'll be "Nextel Cup") ...

Outrageous that Mo Clarett's confidential academic records were leaked. But since they're out there: He's flunking P.E.? GYM CLASS?! ...

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