Feb. 9, 2004
Top 5 NFL draft lock
Larry Fitzgerald:

Announcing decision to go pro this morning. One-man proof that NFL's (previous) draft-eligibility policy was a farce.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Sports' newest feud: Mavs owner Mark Cuban vs. Pistons/Olympic coach Larry Brown, who criticized Cuban's take that NBA stars shouldn't play in the Olympics (maybe Larry was just ticked that his team lost to Dallas on Saturday).

Cuban came back with the ultimate smackdown for Brown: Call me when you actually own a team, rather than merely work for one.

Cuban also tossed out an idea for which I just happen to have an old business plan sitting in my hard drive (call me, Mark!): Pay the best college players to skip school and train exclusively for the Olympics. Amen!

Pro Bowled Over
107-82 may have seemed like the score of the Pro Bowl (really, 55-52 NFC), but it's actually the spread between the new versus old record for combined points scored.

Obviously, coaches Andy Reid and Tony Dungy didn't use the same offensive schemes from their conference-championship games.

Brunell to D.C.?
Reflecting the city's current political conventional wisdom, the Redskins QB situation looks like a near 50/50 split between an incumbent and a strong challenger.

Trading for Jacksonville's Mark Brunell may or (more likely) may not happen.

Factors against:
Skins: 2nd-rd pick too pricey
Brunell: Rather be in Miami?
Jags: Late offers from SD, Dal

But even rumors alone indicates that Joe Gibbs is less than impressed with Spurrier project Patrick Ramsey.

Stanford's MoJo
Unbeaten Stanford's sick why-you-watch-college-hoops, floor-mob-doesn't-describe-it-accurately, even-Tiger-Woods-rushed-the-court buzzer-beating finish Saturday over rival Arizona

1 Cuban-Brown feud: Will we see an escalation at the ASG?
2 NFL trade watch: Where will vet QB Mark Brunell end up?
3 All-Star Week kicks off: First NHL, NFL. Up next: NBA!
1 Pats RB Antowain Smith: NE can mail free-agent his ring
2 Tyson's retirement: Money woes will put him back in ring
3 LeBron's issues with All-Star snub: He'll play, if asked
puts the Cardinal on a collision course with the national title.

That's right: Short memory.
Already forgotten Duke's big W last week over UNC. Stanford has earned the chance to be No. 1, so let's finally drop the East Coast Bias.

St. John's Mess
With all the great new adds to the Big East -- Cincinnati, Louisville, Marquette -- the league should "ask" St. John's to take next year off to resuscitate its program, which is currently trolling the student gym looking for a few bodies to just weigh down the bench.

NHL All-Star Game
If only the 6-4 finish didn't double this season's per-game scoring average, the sport might not have seen its last All-Star weekend (for a while).

Missed one Skills Comp event: Game-killing labor negotiation. Oh, wait: That's this summer. Luckily, Jeremy Roenick seems good at that one, too.

Willie Watch
The Willie Williams Saga continues: Just days before the football recruit's pre-existing legal

probation expires, the nation's hottest teen diarist -- amd subject of a Sunday profile in the New York Times' quasi-"society page" section -- is facing possible jail time in Gainesville for an incident during his recruiting trip last month.

Legitimate question: Would he have been charged if he had signed with the Gators, instead of Miami?

"Dub-minster" Dogs
The "Grand-doggy of 'em all" -- Westminster -- starts today. You might think these people are freaks for knowing miniscule differences between pedigrees, but they likely think that you are equally dorky for knowing where everyone in yesterday's Grizzlies-Timberwolves box score went to college.

For the sports weekend's "Best in Show" contenders, see "Odds and Ends."

Ex-Pat/new free-agent
Antowain Smith:

Thanks for the help, but see ya. In NE system, no single player (except maybe Brady) is more important than the cap.
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More "Best in Show" from weekend:

TV ads: The new adidas one with Muhammad and Laila Ali ...

Grammys: Beyonce's two-fer performance (but more people asked "Where's Janet?") ...

Kansas hoops fans: For chanting "Sa-lad tos-ser!" at Bob Knight. Student-section taunt of the year ...

Performance by a rookie coach: Nets Lawrence Frank moves to 7-0, two more wins from NBA record ...

Daytona qualifier: Unlikely Greg Biffle wins pole for next week's season opener ...

Team: Grizzlies set franchise record for Ws in style, with buzzer-beater over T'wolves ...

Arena League: season kicked off; who would have guessed that the NFL Pro Bowl would outscore 'em all?

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