March 25, 2004
Eli Manning,
New York Giant?

Rumor of the Day: The Giants are so high on Eli Manning that they are hot to move up to No. 1 in the NFL Draft to take him (Newsday).
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Well, we can all sleep better, knowing that Martelli-Packer feud is over.

Give me a break: I'd love to tee off on both, but their detente is more of an excuse to focus back on tonight's games.

The real battle in the Joe's-Wake game is between the point guards: SJU senior All-American Jameer Nelson and WF national freshman of the year Chris Paul. Want the state of college hoops in a nutshell? There it is.

Nelson plays well for four years, but -- frankly -- will be drafted on rep, not talent. He tried to go pro last year and slunk back to school after the NBA told him he didn't cut it.

Meanwhile, Paul has scouts drooling. "Best NBA point guard in college." A top-10 draft lock if he left school. So far in this Tournament, he looks like this year's version of Carmelo Anthony, dominating in a way that Nelson can only dream of.

One of the biggest myths about the NCAA Tournament is that "senior guards" give teams an advantage. Last year's Tournament debunked that. Experience helps, but I'll take talent; Paul's got more of it. So long, St. Joe's.

Kobe Distracted
Was there really concern that any trial for Kobe scheduled during the playoffs would distract him?

If "distract" means "36 points leading the Lakers to a thumping of the Kings after being in a Colorado courtroom listening to his accuser testify about her sexual history," then Lakers fans should root for a trial to start in, oh ... say, mid-May.

Eustachy Hired
Hide the Natural Light and put the frat social chairs on notice: Larry Eustachy is headed to Nattys-burg Hattiesburg to coach Southern Miss. Incredible: Took less than a year for this punchline of a coach to get a new job.

A-Rod's Facial
After taking that errant throw into third base in the puss, can't you picture A-Rod thinking: Hell if I'm

Kirk Snyder: Nevada G averaging 18.7 ppg, 5.8 reb, 3.4 ast
Eric Crouch: Reinstated and trying to win job with Packers
Oilers: Lost in OT, but haven't lost in regulation in 14 games
Martelli-Packer "feud": Two childish blowhards shake hands
Fred McGriff's push for 500 HRs: At 491, but sent to minors
Matt: Former U.-Wash FB player booted from "Idol"
going to let my pretty face take a beating for Jeter's ego. If he won't slide over to second, I will ... lot safer over there!

NFL Crackdown
What should the NFL's punishment for wildly entertaining showboating be?

If they're serious: Ejection
If they're not: 15 yards

Pack: Couch Shopping?
The heir to Brett Favre is... Tim Couch?! The Packers would go from one of the most clutch QBs in NFL history to one of the least.

What happened to that great idea (great to draftniks, at least) to take N.C. State QB Phil Rivers? (After an awesome workout, described as "impeccably accurate," Rivers may not even be around for Green Bay.)

BoSox Documentary
And the Oscar for Most Boring Movie Title goes to: The makers of a BoSox documentary of the '03 season. Fans are asked to pick the name from this batch of duds:

Another Season
Fenway Blues
Red Sox Blues
This is the Year

Did they not think of the obviously appropriate "Cowboy Up!" -- or just idiotically dismiss it?

A few better ideas:
Aaron Bleepin' Boone
Fear and Self-Loathing
It Was Grady's Fault

Immortals of Rock
Top 5 "Immortals of Rock" (from Rolling Stone): Beatles, Dylan, Elvis, Stones, Berry ... yawn.

It's as obvious a list as if we did, say, "Immortals of Sports":
1. Babe Ruth
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Michael Jordan
4. Vince Lombardi
5. Keyshawn Johnson*

* In his own mind

Southern Miss AD
Richard Giannini:

Have you ever heard the phrase "caveat emptor?" Hope Eustachy's contract includes some substantial behavior clauses.
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TPC/Sawgrass: Scouted that location for my wedding, actually, but vows on telegenic No. 17 didn't do it for me ...

Meanwhile: With the distribution of tourney winners this year in the PGA, TPC should be hyper-competitive; all eyes on Tiger ...

Kudos to NHL commish Gary Bettman for putting the responsibility on coaches and GMs to do their part to curb on-ice violence ...

Speaking of NHL, they could learn something from MLS, which just announced it's dropping OT ...

Someone put underachieving Mets OF Roger Cedeno on eBay. The asking price was $5 mil (where's the "Buy It Now!" for less?) ...

Apparently, U-Miami coach Larry Coker learned nothing from last season: Brock Berlin opened spring practice as the starter ...

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