August 6, 2004
Jeff Moorad:
Agent hangs up snake-skin to go work for, ironically enough, the Diamondbacks. We'll see how he likes the other side of the table.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

When Craig Kilborn hosts Sunday night's SportsCenter, I'll feel like I'm in college again.

He kicks off a must-see week of "throwback" SportsCenters, featuring some of the best anchors of eras past: Steiner, Gumbel, Gardner and more.

I have a theory that even though you might have watched SportsCenter in high school, it didn't really hook you like a junkie until you got to college and watched the show -- be it the Big Show at 11, or Kilborn/Levy late night or Charley Steiner anytime.

The point was the shared experience: With a collective of friends in your dorm, frat house or Melrose-like apartment, and getting the day's highlights with the anchors, not from them.

Tech and stat innovations on the show have re-defined how sports are covered and consumed, but there's something to be said for the role that the unique anchor voices played in turning us all into SC nuts throughout the ESPN25 Era.

(The other major driver of SportsCenter's success? "This is SportsCenter" -- arguably the best ad campaign of all time.)

Cards' Trio Rules
Rolen, Edmonds and Pujols form MLB's best hitting trio this season: Rolen smacked his 26th HR Thursday, and they could become the first Cards 3 to hit 30 HR each in the same season.

Obvs, it begs a nickname: "Gashouse Gang II?" Come on, we can do better. I think I've got it:

Menage a Thwack: Start printing those T-shirts! Send royalties to Dan Shanoff c/o

US Hoops' Challenge
Psst! Serbia's no Germany. Because USA Hoops has mismanaged expectations to the point that anything less than a double-digit win is a loss... well, prepare yourselves for tonight.

Knicks Revival
Credit Isiah for the makings of an Extreme Makeover:

He swung the deal to get combo guard Jamal Crawford and underrated (if overpaid) rebounder Jerome Williams;

Greg Maddux: Will we see No. 300? Maybe this weekend
Dolphins WR Chambers: Signs lofty 5yr/$30m extension
Williams Sisters: Yes, WILL play in Olympics; bring it on!
Cowboys: NFLPA to file a grievance over Carter release
WNBA: Radio City romp exposes the league with no depth
Georgia: Hoops given probation for, well, lots of things
He has center Erick Dampier on the verge of taking a fraction of his market value to play in NYC;

And he has the interest of Vince Carter, who is desperate for a trade to New York.

Isiah's boldest move of all would-should-could be trading franchise soul Stephon Marbury for Carter. Unlikely, but tantalizing.

Peja Wants Out
Claims "chemistry" issues, which -- translated into the language of "trade me!" -- is sort of like taking the match to the gas-soaked bridge. No going back now.

Of course, Peja only knows about being on fire in the regular season. Any takers for a guy who will help you right up until the games matter?

Nets Re-Sign R-Jeff
The Nets paid $76 mil over 6 years to keep franchise cornerstone Richard Jefferson. Considering he's a poor man's Vince, couldn't the Nets have swung a deal with Toronto for Carter? Answer: Perhaps the overrated Carter is now a poor man's Jefferson....

NCAA Crackdown
It's the end of an era: If the NCAA is going to ban G-4s, super-suites and surf-n-turf from the recruiting process, then I don't want to hear any complaints when preps go pro.

Yanks GM: Trouble?
And you thought Brenda Warner had the biggest mouth among New York sports spouses. Read this from Yankees GM Brian Cashman's wife Mary, as quoted in next week's New York mag:

"Brian would like to go to Boston and win the World Series.... That would be any man's dream, to go up there and become the god of Boston."

Yikes: To be fair, her comments end up out of context (for example, the quote ends: "But I don't think that will happen"). But sports-yappers have never known to be particularly fair.

X Games X
Talk about old school, I still find the X-sport mechanics baffling, but nothing beats X Games for eye-candy: Air under a trick has got to set off the same fan sensors as an NBA dunk or a leaping NFL TD catch. Catch coverage all weekend.

At-Bat Songs
Today's Must-Read: Page 3 has put together a list of every "at-bat song" across MLB. (See Q It Up, right.) Ironically, MLB's leading musician Bernie Williams chooses silence.

Warning: Severe clock-eater. But what are you doing on an August Friday at work anyway?

Report out of Boston has him injuring that gimpy Achilles' heel from playing soccer, not playing baseball, as once thought. Mia Mia Mia...
Today on
Page 2: Welcome to the "Uni Watch"
Page 3: At-bat songs
X Games
Best MLB Power-Hitting Trios
Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds
Sosa, Alou, Ramirez
Teixeira, Blalock, Soriano
Burnitz, Helton, Castilla
Thome, Abreu, Burrell

Every time Michael Vick winces over a pain in his leg (any pain, not just break-related), the NFL has got to be wincing too...

More from NCAA: Announced that any football team that doesn't average 15,000 fans per game risks being dropped down a level...

Roger Clemens got an apology for being ejected from that kids'-league game (but didn't he insist that he wasn't tossed at all?)...

Cuban 1B defector Kendry Morales is eligible for MLB free agency. Hmm: Who has cash and 1B needs? Kendry, Boss on Line 1...

Finally have seen last of trade-deadliners: Vic Zambrano pitched good enough for the Mets, backed up by rookie David Wright's 6RBI...

Kobe prosecutors at least *say* they remain confident in their case and are proceeding. We'll see...

Based only on the freak-me-out trailers, "Open Water" will be the scariest movie of the summer. So of course it's a must-see...

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