August 11, 2004
These magic '04
St. Louis Cards:

Yesterday was "one of those wins" that happens in "one of those years": Held to two hits -- both were HRs, including GW in 10th (6th W in row).
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

With his 30th HR for a record 13th straight season, Bonds clobbered another milestone. But it's what mattered far more was what he said Tuesday, observing there was a "good chance" he'd keep playing through 2006.

Why is that so huge? Passing Ruth, 26 HRs from now, sometime next season, is a given. (Not to minimize it: It will be the sports event of the year in '05.)

That extra '06 season, though, sets him up to pass Aaron: Project 10 more HR this season and even average production (for him) in 2005 (say, 30 HR). He'll only be 27 behind Aaron when he starts the '06 season. If passing Ruth will be the sports event of the year, the Aaron chase will be the sports event of the decade.

But if Bonds retires after next season, Aaron's all-time HR record will retire with him. And for we "Instant History" junkies, that would be too bad.

Winslow Signs
The image repair in Cleveland begins as soon as he makes his first spectacular play (see "Taylor, Sean"). Meanwhile, sliding up to No. 1 on the "Most Reviled Rookie" List? Chargers hold-out Phil "Up the" Rivers.

Kobe Civil Suit
Accuser settling for cash? Because from what I've read, if her civil suit goes to trial, the good news is that it's a lower bar to win; the bad news is that there's not nearly the shield law she'll find in the criminal case, meaning all the sex-history stuff will be out in the open. Who else sees a settlement coming?

Sammy Sosa: Broke 0-15 slump w/ HR No. 564 (8th all-time)
Padres: Chase Mark Prior, close within 1 of Cubs for NL WC
Andre 3000: Tops Esquire's list of the year's Best Dressed
Phillies: Lose Millwood indefinitely AND blow game in 9th
Serena, Jenny: Out of Olympics (inj); say it ain't Serena!
Georgia running game: Lose starter Kregg Lumpkin (ACL)
J.O. Wooing Damp?
If Erick Dampier really wants to win now -- and is willing to take a massive pay cut to do it, he should skip the Knicks and head to the Pacers, where he and Jermaine O'Neal (currently trying to recruit him) would form an Eastern big-man tandem to rival only Ben and Rasheed (oh, and Shaq and whoever).

OLY Watch: Soccer
The traditional Olympic Opening Parade of Regrettable Fashions doesn't happen until Friday, but the Games unofficially start today when the U.S. women's soccer team takes on host Greece.

No offense to Abby Wambach, but for all the hype that that pipeline of U.S. women's soccer players couldn't be more stocked, why have they seemingly had the same roster for the last 10 years?

Rick Fox's Divorce
Divorcing wife Vanessa Williams (Vanessa Williams!), Rick Fox will go down as the David Justice of our current decade. (Vanessa Williams!)

Apparently, Vanessa is not quite good enough for the L.A. lifestyle. (Vanessa Williams!) Too bad he's heading back to Boston. Remember Boston, Rick? Good luck finding L.A.-quality hotties.

Angel Berroa:
The Royals' 2003 AL Rookie of the Year was demoted to KC's AA Wichita farm team. Worst soph drop-off ever? Even the lamest stay in The Show.
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Two notes about injury to Cards WR Anquan Boldin: (1) Zona O in trouble (RB Shipp out, too); and (2) L. Fitz goes up FFL draft board...

Tim Brown signs with the Bucs: A week after being written off, he's going to have a Renaissance year with Gruden, B Johnson...

Preview of my PGA Champ preview (coming Thursday): Whistling Straits will be so ugly, they'll never hold a Major there again...

Looking for a fantasy RB sleeper? Watch newly signed Bengals RB Chris Perry (just don't draft BOTH him and CIN starter Rudi J)...

Tom Glavine's cab crash: This is what happens when they stop playing those in-cab messages from celebs about buckling up...

Today's must-read: Stark on Josh Beckett, who isn't having the year we all thought he'd have following last year's World Series...

Have you been following's 2004 college football preview? Today: Why O-line matters (N'western: All 5 starters back!)...

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