September 23, 2004
Noah Lowry:
Giants rookie P runs record to 6-0, with no losses in 13 MLB starts. Beat HOU to pull SF half-game behind LA. Say it: NL Rookie of the Year.
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Two Words For You:

Cannot resist the MJ rumors:

To the Heat? Jordan's been training, he loves Pat Riley, and Riley wants him back -- his jersey is retired in Miami's rafters, for goodness' sake.

But what about Shaq? That's the huge question. The Daddy gets a say, presumably, and there are rumors out of Miami that he's cool to the idea. On its face, how could that be?

Does Shaq want to be the only star in town? Or is he suspicious about the value of a 40-plus, fourth-comeback MJ can bring to a team with Eastern title aspirations? Both are valid.

But you have to root for it, if only because it would make for the greatest theater in the NBA since MJ came back ... the first time.

Green's Religion
How someone practices their religion is a uniquely and intensely personal choice. When Shawn Green decides today if he'll miss one or two games to observe Yom Kippur this weekend, it's his decision. Whether you agree or not is irrelevant.

Expos vs. Angelos
Looking for clarity on the Expos' move today when MLB's relocation committee meets? It's only the beginning.

A certain committee member from Baltimore will be -- ah -- vigorous in his opposition. Did someone say "litigious?"

By pushing off the decision so late, MLB put itself in this tough position. Pay-offers to Angelos have been rejected; plans need to move forward. I love me some stalemate.

Schill's Gripe Radio
"Hi, this is Curt from Boston." Schilling's local sports-radio call-in yesterday didn't exactly go like that.

It was more like: You idiot hosts have no idea what you are talking about, when the DJs fueled rumors there's a rift between Pedro and Curt. The best part

Raul Ibanez: Ties AL record with 6 hits in nine-inning game
Kenny Rogers: Notches career-high 17th W (thank you, Orel)
Stephen Davis: Insists he'll return sooner than five weeks
Brad Penny: LA P pulls himself from game with arm trouble
Bartolo Colon: Hammered for 10 hits, 7 runs in 3.2 innings
LaSalle hoops: Third men's player charged with rape
was when the DJ blowhards meekly apologized.

Schilling's call-in smacks of over-sensitivity -- it's just local sports talk radio -- but he gets points for aggressively bringing his message to the people.

Peavy Blanks L.A.
Career-high 11 Ks: With that sick 2.27 ERA, he'd be at the top of the NL Cy contender list if San Diego was winning the West (or he had a few more innings). That's not just the best ERA in the NL, but nearly four-tenths better than the next best guy (Zambrano, 2.64).

Ichiro Watch
4 for 6 last night, with 9 hits in his last two games (what slump?). He's at 247 on the season, and needs just 11 hits in 10 games to topple George "We Goin' To" Sisler's 80-year-old record. Go, Speed Racer, go!

12-Game Season?
Instead of endorsing a 12-game season, wouldn't the NCAA have been a lot better off using that extra week for a universally desired playoff round? But the NCAA would never sell out its athletes for an extra week of football.

New Olympic Sports
The dream is over for Olympic ballroom dancing in 2012.

More cuts: Bowling, billiards, chess and bridge, although those four could make a heck of a foundation for the LeisureLympics. (Presumably, poker was never in it. Doesn't the IOC watch TV?)

"H2Olympic" wannabes surfing and water skiing are out, too. (No surfing? If the IOC thought beach volleyball players were hotties ...)

For sports still under consideration, see the Big 5.

Tyler Hamilton:
Has been suspended by his pro cycling team, pending results of a larger investigation into his alleged doping problems.
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AL West Watching: TEX keeps beating OAK, now 3 GB. Meahwhile, ANA is blowing it, losing to SEA and remaining 2.5 GB ...

AL East Watching: Boston won yet another nail-biter over the O's, closing the gap to 3.5 GB NY, who finally saw El Duque lose ...

Miami punt returner Devin Hester is arguably the most exciting player in college football. See for yourself tonight (7:30, ESPN) ...

While SF and HOU play a battle of attrition, the Cubs, coming off Zambrano's 1-0 W, get the Pirates (12:30, ESPN day game) ..

Edge James upgraded from "doubtful" to "questionable" (haven't we all been at one time or another?) ...

On this day in 1908: Only the greatest nickname of a sports play in history ... (wait for it ...) "Merkle's Boner" ...

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