November 17, 2004
David Holmes:
It's not every day you win your Dream Job. Stellar performance in the finale. See you on TV, David.
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The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

The brouhaha (or is it "Ha ha!") over MNF's T.O. pregame promo smacks of desperation.

No, wait: "Desperate" was the problem.

Actually, the real problem is that by making a stink over it, the NFL turns this into a much bigger story than it should be.

Keeping it on the radar another day and inspiring people to keep debating it. (See Q It Up for Whitlock's must-read Page 2 column.)

Debating whether or not the league is overreacting. Is that debate ultimately better for the league image?

Debating whether or not the outraged calls of the tens of hundreds outweigh the obvious comfort of tens of millions who inhale "Housewives" every week. Which consumer base should be the league's focus?

Debating whether or not Steelers chairman Dan Rooney should double as culture police. Yet he's seemingly comfortable with his own team's involvement in the NFL's ugliest fracas of the year -- left unpunished by him or the Steelers.

I'm betting that the Steelers slugfest has more of an impact on the league's fans -- especially the younger ones -- than the promo.

Sonics Rule
The hot new NBA trend? How about a simple "Jacking Treys" offense? That seems to be working for the Sonics, who won their league-best 7th straight,thanks to a team-record 18 3s.

Haven't lost since opener: If the team keeps winning and Ray Allen keeps scoring (37 pts, 7-12 3-pt), the Candyman is going to find himself on the All-NBA first team.

More NBA
You can go home again: Steve Nash dropped 18 assists to go with 17 points in his return to Dallas, a 107-101 Suns W. Be interested to hear if he likes playing with Amare (34 pts, 12-18 FG) more than Dirk (20 pts, 6-17 FG).

Miami may be a team to beat in the East, but the T'wolves exposed them as a pretender in the larger title picture. KG went nuts: 25/21/8, outplaying Shaq and Wade combined. Tonight for KG: Another East contender -- the Pistons.

Gary Sheffield: He and wife won't take extortion quietly
Carlos Arroyo: Jazz PG (and US OLY hoops nemesis) healthy
Bucs secondary: Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson brought back
Randy Moss: Expected to miss another game with hammy
Mavs new guys: Dampier (hip), Terry (ankle) leave L to PHX
Evander Holyfield: NY honchos suspend, to "save himself"
Pedro a Daddy?
Call it "Oedi-Pedro": Vanquish your symbolic "Daddy," then team up with him? Martinez talking to the Boss about joining the Yankees is layered enough to provide work for a New York City full of shrinks.

Pedro's Boston vs. NY Saga is the top storyline of 2004 MLB free agency. Here's hoping he drags it out, then bolts for NY. (And Boston's got a recruiting session with Carl Pavano on Thursday.)

Vlad: AL MVP
Credit the fast finish: Hit an appropriately well-publicized .463 with 9 HR over the season's final 15 games, when he seemingly carried the Angels to the playoffs.

.337, 39 HR, 126 RBI, 124 R: Not a bad full season, either, for a guy who last winter had a back that everyone was questioning. Who else wins with Vlad's MVP? How about Magglio Ordonez, this year's hard-hitting free agent with sketchy health.

D.C. Nationals
Bring on the Nats: That's apparently going to be the name. Can only speculate that Senators was simply too political and Grays was simply too brilliant.

Meanwhile: The team shored up the left side of the infield, signing Twins SS Cristian Guzman and Rockies 3B Vinny Castilla, who will find out RFK Stadium is no Coors.

OU's Stoops Nuts
Stoop-ing to a new low: Considering the gift title game last season for Oklahoma, Bob Stoops has got some serious chutzpah to imply that some ESPN analysts are pushing Auburn as the No. 2 team over OU because the network has a TV contract with the SEC.

Here's his quote:

"I'm saying I'm aware of what [ESPN's] contracts are with. Whether people are directed in certain ways, I'm not going to say that. I think all the people ought to be aware who their contracts are with and what some of their agendas may be."

Um, my agenda? Exposing lame, sore-loser arguments.

BCS Poll Mess
Why is there no fan confidence in college football's "human" polls? Maybe because the coaches' poll is so corrupt that coaches informally voted not to make their votes public. Logical question: What are they so afraid of that they want to keep the votes hidden? Maybe it's a conspiracy to help out Bob Stoops.

NBA fun police:
Tell Vince Carter he can't listen to his iPod during the pregame shootaround anymore. Hey, it's not like he's toweling down with a Desperate Housewife.
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Artest "incident"
Wait a second ...

More pushback: Give Ohio St. points for not taking Clarett's charges lightly: They punched back, with a point-by-point can of whup yesterday ...

Am I going to be able to cite the MNF promo as further reason T.O. is the league's MVP? Suppose it's how you define "player" ...

How lame is this Angels squabble with Anaheim? ...

Finalists for CFB's top WR award: Michigan's Braylon Edwards, Purdue's Taylor Stubblefield, Ball St.'s Dante Ridgeway. Quickie pick: Edwards rout ...

Quickie Final Four sleeper Providence wins NIT opener, but it took a thrilling finish to beat Niagara ...

Latest must-have video game? NCAA March Madness 2K5. Once again, it's the life-like program-building (scandals and all) that make it great ...

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