November 19, 2004
Must-see dunk of the year. And the best part was that for being intricate, but simply HIGH. S-i-c-k, and worthy of those hyphens!
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The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Who lays claim to The Game? Harvard-Yale? Michigan-Ohio St? Lehigh-Lafayette?

Biggest factor? The Stakes.

This weekend: Florida-FSU? There's more talk about Spurrier. Mich-OSU? More talk about scandal. Stanford-Cal? Yawn.

Auburn-Alabama? Giddyup. The ESPN fave has its toughest game of the year at Bama, which trumps the patsy (Baylor) Bob "Schtups" Stoops insists is part of the rugged Big 12.

Runner-up? Utah vs. BYU. What's possibly even better than The Game? "The GameDay." ESPN invades SLC for the cult-inspiring pregame show and a prime-time showcase to clinch an unbeaten (if not title-bound) season.

Meanwhile, USC plays the most brutal comp of all: Some team named "Idle." Not sure how it can keep their No. 1 ranking by not playing, but I'm sure crackpot voters will find a way to reward USC for it.

Someone, please, make it stop!

T.O. apologizes: Doing it Tuesday would have been savvy spin control; doing it Thursday makes him look pathetic.

Rooney rants: Steelers honcho rides his high horse to Hypocri-City in a Friday New York Times op-ed, calling the promo "disgraceful" while brandishing the NFL's "special values"; he neglects to include "letting my own player go unpunished by me for a pregame brawl."

All Eyes on Eli
Where's the pressure?

Across the scrimmage line: The Falcons' D is sack-happy; unfortunately for Eli, so is the Giants' O-line.

Across the sideline: Manning can't win the comparison game with Michael Vick, good for at least a handful of spectacular plays.

Across the country: Fans will be scoreboard-watching to see how many TDs brother Peyton will be tossing in Chicago.

More NFL Subplots
How bad can it get for Tuna? Frustrated Cowboys coach takes team to Baltimore. Speaking of "Desperate" ...

The T.O. Show: Who wasn't offended by the MNF pregame promo? Likely, Eagles fans, who welcome back their team vs. weakling D.C.

Peyton's "Peyce": Solid Bears D tests Manning. (Who am I kidding? Look for another 4-TD day.)

Spurs: win 5th in row (TD: 34/13); hold Sixers to 6 1Q pts
Matt Clement: Cubs innings-eater tops Blue Jays' wish list
Phil Knight: Mr. Nike retiring as CEO; just do ... tributes
DC baseball: Relocation vote delayed by MLB owners. D'oh!
NHL draft: Won't be held without CBA; wait, no one cares
Mets: Dangling Piazza for LA's Green or Angels' Guillen?!
Big Ben Watch: Steelers' Roethlisberger (best rookie QB ever?) goes for 8 in a row at Cincinnati in a classic trap game.

The new Panthers? Who's not on the Cardinals bandwagon? Arizona actually plays Carolina; meanwhile surprising Chargers at OAK.

Is it the Super Bowl? The World Series? NBA Finals? Not quite, but for a first try at "playoffs," NASCAR has created a must-see championship event in the season's final race, the Ford 500 in Miami. If nothing else, they've leap-frogged the Stanley Cup. But that's not exactly a high bar.

If only I could understand it: I get that 5 guys have a chance to win (Busch, Martin, Gordon, Johnson, Dale Jr). The biggest problem is that someone could back into the title without winning the race. Too complex!

Spurrier's Move
Great news for: 'Cock Nation, Steve's ego, SEC, college FB fans.

Not-so-great news for: Gator Nation, Bob "SEC Sux" Stoops' ego, UF/Fla St/Miami recruiters, Lou Holtz, rivals Clemson and UNC, whoever was recruiting the top prep QB (Texas, for Ryan Perilloux).

MLB Fray Agency
Pavano meets with Sox, sits with Schilling. We know how these Red Sox "recruiting" visits go -- money, girls, cars, booster "support," sketchy academic tutors. No, wait, that's college football.

But when you hear Carl and Curt yapped for two hours, two words come to mind: Media. Management. Done. Deal.

Vince to Blazers?
Vince the Glide? Eh, maybe not, given the way he avoids the lane like it's communicable.

But if nothing else, Carter's rep as a malcontent will fit in quite nicely in the holding cell of Portland, where "jab-step" involves a punch and "flight" is the move a player makes to avoid the cops.

Speaking of high-flying, you catch LeBron's sick, chest-at-rim dunk from Thursday? His reponse? "I told you I could fly." Like vintage VC, before he lost it.

NBA All-Star Ballot
Unveiled Thursday. Capping an impromptu "Ballot Week" in the Quickie (MLB MVPs, Heisman), here are my preposterously premature votes:

G: LeBron, D. Wade
F: G. Hill, J. O'Neal

G: Kobe, Ray Allen
F: KG, Duncan

Reeling after buzzer-beating loss at home to the terrible Knicks. T-Mac arrives and they stink; coincidence? Hmm ...
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Who will show up?

Week 11 NFL office-pool suggestions: StL, IND, PIT, NYJ, MIN, DEN, TB, ARI, JAX, BAL, SEA, SD, ATL, PHI, GB, NE ...

Good for what ails ya: Weakling 3-6 Bucs host hapless 1-8 49ers; slumping 5-4 Seahawks host brutal 1-8 Dolphins ...

Opposite directions: Limping Titans at confident Jags (with hot QB David Garrard); surging Packers at reeling Texans (8:30, ESPN) ...

I caught Jackpot Jay (and WSOP uber-hottie Erin Ness) in action at a Netflix/Mediabistro poker event last night; Jackpot is one cool customer ...

Pedro Watch: Torre says he's into him. Tit-for-tat word out of Fenway is that the Sox think they can land BOTH Martinez and Pavano ...

NBA: FRI, King of East (Pistons at Pacers, 8, ESPN); SAT, Prove-It Game (Magic at Pacers); SUN, King James at MSG (CLE at NYK) ...

College Hoops Watch: Syracuse vs. Memphis meet in CVC finale Fri at MSG; more Garden: Wed's NIT semis are set -- Wake vs. Prov; Zona vs. Mich ...

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