December 22, 2004
Derrick Williams:
Top prep WR recruit from Roosevelt (MD) High will announce his college choice on national TV (3:30, ESPNews). Choices down to Florida, Texas and Penn St. QUICKIE LIVE! 9-10 a.m.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Doesn't Dodgers GM Paul DePodesta know that "doing what's right for the team" is supposed to be code for "making the Yankees even more loaded?" He's not playing by the NY-biased rules!

Instead, "Ho Ho Ho" DePo ruined Yankee fans' holiday by scuttling MLB's most high-profile menage a trois. He's even moved on: L.A. is about to lock up J.D. Drew.

Don't blame the Dodgers. Looking for a scapegoat? Try Javier Vazquez, whose questionable arm -- either he's injured or he just plain stinks -- is rumored to be at the core of L.A.'s reservations.

If you want to see the Big Unit in pinstripes (and try not to look so bummed out, Red Sox Nation), find another patsy for the D'backs and Yankees' conspiracy. (Prediction? In the end, Randy will still end up in NY.)

Meanwhile, this almost guarantees that the Yankees will have no qualms breaking the bank to land Carlos Beltran. (Too bad he doesn't pitch.)

AP Out of BCS
Sets up four dynamics in '05:

(1) The BCS will assuredly switch to a "selection committee" model, which allows it to share cachet with the NCAA Tournament -- but still leaves itself open to all sorts of "tilt" scenarios.

(2) The AP will crown its own champ, no matter who the BCS selection committee picks; so we're back to the old adjectives "mythical" and "split," which were the reason the BCS started in the first place.

(3) Will ESPN and USA Today follow, removing their journalism brands from the opaque coaches' poll? Or, undercut by a BCS committee, spin off the poll as its own title-knighting entity? That would make THREE splits.

(4) Has the opportunity ever been more ripe for the "Shanoff Fan Poll?" As long as everyone else will now get to declare their own champ, why not the fans?

Saban to Dolphins?
Nick Saban's job to turn down, reportedly as early as today. Even though I'm sure Jim Bates had a

Bulls: NBA East's hottest team faces the champs in Detroit
Border War: Illinois vs. Mizzou resume annual CBB rivalry
Bobby Petrino: L'ville coach gets raise ($1M, BCS bonuses)
Anna-Enrique marriage: Conflicting reports of nuptials?
Wrigley temp fixes: Chicago tells team netting not enough
Phil Mickelson: Will skip 04-winners-only Mercedes Champ.
fine interview ("So, what did you do last night? Beat the Patriots? Not bad ...").

LSU's Saban would have huge power -- and we know how well THAT works out in the NFL (see: Holmgren, Gibbs, etc.) What GM would want to come to a team overseen by the coach? (Apparently, perhaps the Titans' GM.)

LeBron Tops KG
Passing the MVP torch: LeBron kept pace with KG statistically (26/12/6 vs. 26/13/6), but his Cavs thumped the T'wolves, a signal that Cleveland is for real, mostly thanks to the Leap taken by LeBron.

James heads into 2005 as the front-runner to take KG's MVP award, a reminder that college experience is prerequisite unnecessary for NBA success if the talent is big enough.

MLB in D.C.
City Council vote was 7-6, in favor of the revised plan to finance a new stadium (which brings the team). Wow, what an overwhelming mandate! Nats fans better pack RFK Stadium next season.

Darius Fined $75K
But no suspension for Jags clothes-liner Donovin Darius. For a league so concerned about its image, the NFL sure does try its

hardest to avoid suspending players from actual games. The $75K fine raises the bar, but for guys who make $4 mil, is it really a deterrent?

Brown Wanted Out?
PTI keeps delivering simply "must-see" interviews. (5:30 ET, ESPN) Yesterday, Pistons coach Larry Brown said he was so disturbed by The Brawl that he thought about not returning to coach:

"I never thought I'd feel that way about going to work," he said. "I never thought I'd feel that way about my sport."

Brown agrees with me (from the Quickie on Monday after the brawl) that the NBA is nuts to showcase the Pistons and Pacers on Xmas Day.

More Bowling
Teams: B. Green vs. Memphis
Location: Mobile, AL
Time/TV: 8 pm, ESPN
Subplot: Offense rules!
Stud: UM RB DeAngelo Williams
Pick: Tigers

Shaq vs. Kobe:
Will O'Neal's calf injury keep him from Saturday's Xmas Day showdown with his nemesis? Can one be a "brick wall" from the bench?
Today on
Quickie Live!
P2: MLB Hall of Fame roundtable
NFL Rookie Report
Ranking Top 5 Pro Bowlers
Peyton Manning
Will smash Marino's record
Antonio Gates
Best at his position, by far
Ed Reed
Move over, Ray Lewis
Terrell Owens
Yes, but won't play now
Jerome Bettis
Simply for being in convo!

Pro Bowl starters announced today. Expect the obvious (Peyton, TO, Moss), plus a reward for '04's "Breakthrough" player: SD TE Antonio Gates ...

The arbitrator in charge of The Brawl suspensions will announce a decision soon. Keep your calendar free for the inevitable follow-up lawsuit ...

Tim Floyd is on USC's radar: Then again, so is Bob Knight, George Karl, and Pitt coach Jamie Dixon. Bob Knight in LA? Best. Scene. Ever ...

Ga Tech soph QB Reggie Ball had 3 TDs (2 pass, 1 run) in GT's Champs Sports rout of 'Cuse. Yet the coach says his job is up for grabs in '05 ...

Bertuzzi cops a plea: No jail time? Will "community service" deter future on-ice violators? Wait: What's this "hockey" again? ...

It's rare when the Tennessee Lady Vols win in an "upset," but they did, topping No. 2 Stanford on a 3 at the buzzer ...

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