January 26, 2005
New Marlins
1B Carlos Delgado:

Best part about him signing is that I can finally stop this wearying daily "Delgado Watch" in "Odds/Ends." (What's next: "Magglio Watch?" Noooo!) QUICKIE LIVE! 9-10 a.m.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

"T.O.rthopedist" Mark Myerson may have a Hippocratic oath that underlies his decision not to clear Terrell Owens to play in Jacksonville.

But what about a Supercratic oath that TO took to play in the game? Or the A.D.D. fan lust to see him there?

Fans couldn't care less, frankly, about potential long-term damage to TO's ankle; we want to see him suit up, want to see him run through the tunnel, want to see him line up -- and would love to see TO catch a TD.

12 days is a long way off. Dr. Myerson likely won't change his opinion. However, I think TO will convince the coaches, who will "convince" the team docs to go along with a light as green as Philly's uniforms.

Meanwhile, as long as TO's status is an issue, it's the best kind of decoy; it takes all the pressure off his teammates as it becomes the notable storyline.

As soon as TO is off the table, we might start examining how sorry the Eagles' chances look. Looking for medical imagery? Try proctology.

Now you tell me which option is better for the "health" of the team?

Illinois Rolls
Snapping Wisconsin's 38-game home-winning streak wasn't nearly as impressive as how the Illini did it:

A 14-1 run to end the game.

Backed against it with five minutes to go, on the road in one of the most hostile arenas in the country, Illinois didn't flinch.

In fact, UI dropped a hammer so severe it was the type of cold-blooded execution that has all the markings of a champ.

The Big Ten may be weak, but combine this W with the non-conference notables over Gonzaga (by 17), Cincy (by 22) and Wake (by 18), and the Illini are the nation's undisputed top contender.

Next Tuesday at Michigan St. is the only thing standing between UI and an unbeaten season. And even that seems like a low hurdle for this team.

More Unbeatens
Duke: Nothing easy about Maryland on paper, except that the Terps have a nasty habit of being blown out on the road by good teams (9, ESPN)

B.C.: Classic "trap" game, tonight at Providence.

Eagles new TE Jeff Thomason: From construction to JAX!
Bulls: Top the Karl-rific Nuggets, win 11th in last 12
"Anna Benson TV": Reportedly one step closer to ... reality
NHL: More talks today. (What's this "NHL" thing, again?)
Karl Malone: Set to retire? Why not sign w/ Heat or Spurs?
Stephon Marbury: Outcome vs. PHX even worse than lead-up
Top 'Super' Moments
Today's must-must read: Page 2's list of Top 100 Super Bowl Moments. (See Q It Up)

The list is the ultimate office or barstool debate-starter for the week before the week before the Super Bowl.

1: Montana-to-Taylor (XXIII). That alone should be enough to fill a day's worth of argument, but the real treat is the list's depth.

My No. 1 is Janet's "reveal," (P2 ranks it 8th) but for in-game moments, I'll take P2's No. 3: Adam V's kick in XXXVI. (No, I'm not just saying that to prove I'm no Boston-hater.)

By the way: TO limping off the bench to score the game-winning TD in XXXIX would instantly become No. 1.

Karl to Nuggets?
Before the Suns and Sonics made it cool, George Karl was all about the fast-paced offense and "no-center/no-problem" roster. He could be just the tonic for Denver.

Karl mellow? He is the NBA's emo equivalent of Bill Cowher, but beware, young Anthony: Karl has a rep for being loathe to use young players (a trademark of those weaned on the UNC system).

Brady Myth, Cont'd
More Tom Brady myth-making: Now it comes out that he apparently had a 103-degree fever the night before the AFC title game. As if his "gamer" rep needed a bigger boost!

I'm not dissing him, haters: I'm one of the fans who said that he's the most clutch QB of all time. (Yes, even more than Montana.)

More Big Ben muff-making: Now it comes out that he apparently had a couple of broken toes during the AFC title game.

But when a "Ben-wagon" is this empty, the spin is that he "selfishly played on," rather than "gritted it out."

Doug M. to Mets?
Best three-way trade ever:

BoSox send M'kiewicz to Mets.

Mets offer Doug M. some cash.

Doug gives WS ball to BoSox.

Actually, it'll be a minor leaguer and some cash for Doug, but it begs the question:

If the Mets acquire Doug, does the ball go with him?

NHL ID Theft?
Identity theft isn't funny: BUT, when you see photos of Avs F Peter Worrell and the guy he reportedly posed as (ex-teammate Andreas Lilja), you may chuckle. (See Q It Up)

Quickie Vocab
Today's word: "Brawlkward"

Definition: Uneasy moment when people who have previously engaged in fighting have to sit in the same room for a while.

Used in sentence: "The Pacers Five felt brawlkward as they waited for their pre-trial hearing with the Pistons fans whom they battled."

Jamal Lewis:
To be sentenced today for four months in prison for all that nasty drug-related stuff. No. 1 pick of the "Oz Fantasy League?" (Shudder)
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Elway's 'Copter
Because I was there

Nick Saban hearts A.J. Feeley: And he might be the only one. Of course, he's the only one that matters. (Please note, Scott Linehan) ...

LaMont Jordan to Tampa? The RB-starved Bucs just hired ex-Jets OC Paul Hackett (wait, didn't he underuse Jordan in NY?) ...

Moss Watch? Not Yet. Don't hold your breath for a big trade; the Vikings are at Senior Bowl. Still think it will happen, but closer to Draft ...

Senior Bowl update: Mel Kiper likes Okla WR Mark Clayton and Iowa DE Matt Roth. The 'Bama-based meat market continues today ...

Will Piazza retire after '05 season? He may need to head to AL to continue career as DH ...

Oscars back-lash: Where was the Best Actor nom for "Sideways"' Paul Giamatti? (DYK: He is the son of the late MLB commish Bart Giamatti?) ...

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