February 10, 2005
Duke defense:
Put the clamps on rival UNC, only the best offense in the country, forcing UNC into 23 turnovers and a bungled last-second play, preserving a Duke W. QUICKIE LIVE! 9-10 a.m.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

It's the hot new party game!

"Freddie Offends ..."

If his pre-Super Bowl antics didn't end Freddie Mitchell's career in Philly, Wednesday night's must-hear ESPN Radio rant did.

Oh, sure, there's a lot of other sports news today. But you've simply got to digest Freddie, in his own words, taking shots at everybody.

Keep reading for "cut-ins" with Freddie's "Best-Of" "Worst-Of" snippets.

Meanwhile, wasn't there a really, REALLY good college hoops game?

Duke Beats UNC
For March Bracket purposes, I'm torn between how impressed I was with Duke's D and how unimpressed I am that Roy Williams is now 0-3 vs. Duke as UNC coach.

Duke shot 36 percent and was outrebounded 38-24 -- and still won! That's nothing less than taking advantage of the greatest home-court advantage in sports.

Too bad Duke can't take the Cameron student section with them to the Final Four. Of course, UNC won't even get that far.

Fred Offends Pats
"They're sensitive. Real, real sensitive."

"[They] reminded me of little girls."

Oh, super: NOW Freddie's offending little girls!

'SickNabb' Update
"No, I wasn't sick, and, no, I didn't throw up." That's McNabb's statement about that "ill-fated" Huddle From Hell, and he's sticking to it.

"Tired a little bit": That's as far as he'd go toward saying there was anything wrong with him physically. Give him a break: It WAS the end of the fourth quarter.

Freddie's got to have something to say about his QB, right?

Fred Offends McNabb
"Donovan, he dry heaves a lot when he gets under certain situations. It's happened before. It's happened in the NFC Championship game.

"He was dry heaving and he couldn't get the words out in the play, so he gave me hand signals. ... I basically called the play and knew what the coaches were thinking in that situation. I called the play out and went on from there."

Culpepper: Moss Out?
"Enough is enough," the Vikings QB said in Hawaii. If there's ever been a signal that Randy Moss is done in Minnesota, that's the one.

"He's my good friend, but you almost get to thinking enough is enough.

"And maybe the Vikings organization has had enough."

Jason Giambi: Will meet with NY media today; tracking ...
Coll. FB replay: NCAA committee approves for all schools
Zimbabwe: Leading female runner is a man! Sensational!
Louisville: Lose by 18 (at home!) to shaky rival Memphis
Georgia Tech: Denies book claim it offered Telfair cash
Hakeem Olajuwon: Mosque he funded gave $80K to terrorists
File under "Careful What You Wish For": We'll see if Daunte makes it back to Hawaii next February without his go-to receiver.

Let's hear Freddie on ANOTHER receiver ...

Fred Offends T.O.
"T.O., he came and did an excellent job ... but that really took away from my play time and my opportunities. I couldn't shut a lot of people up that I wanted to shut up. That really hurt the situation."

Brees Wants Deal
Sorry: "LONG-TERM" deal. And Drew Brees puts those Chargers in a bit of a rock/hard-place situation:

Re-sign the guy most responsible for their success last season?

But what about backup QB Philip Rivers, their uber-expensive 2004 top draft pick?

Let's hope Rivers has a thick skin. Speaking of which, we're due for more Freddie ...

Fred Offends Bill B.
"Now the thing that bothers me the most is you've got everybody talking now ... I've got [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick even throwing remarks about me.

"It's like, 'Man, did I hurt you that bad that you have to go out and shout my name?' ... It's funny how I got under their skin."

Kobe's Status
Kobe says he WILL play in the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 20 "if healthy."

After missing so many games, doesn't he have a commitment to his team to rest/avoid injury, even if it means skipping the game?

"Thanks for the honor, but I'm going to rest for the second half." Is that so hard to say? Then fill his starting spot with first-half MVP Steve Nash.

Think Kobe got it bad from Denver fans last season? That's nothing compared to what Freddie will hear next time he plays at AllTel ...

Fred Offends JAX
"Jacksonville had five years to prepare for this, and even with the preparing it was a bad situation, and I can't believe the NFL handled it like that."

MJ on Future
On NBA ownership: "I'm being patient ... If the right situation comes up, it will happen."

I'm still gambling that he wants to be the guy to bring an NBA franchise to Las Vegas (a perfect fit). But what team is willing to relocate?

Don't expect Freddie to ever get league approval to own a team ...

Fred Offends NFL
"The whole Super Bowl has become such a monopoly to make money rather than the game. I think they've gotten away from the game ... It's basically all about making money than anything else. I don't think nobody cares about the game anymore."

Rafer Madness
"Chutzpah": Classic nickname for streetball, isn't it? Sure beats "Skip to My Loser."

Putting the "batty" in "embattled," Raptors PG Rafer Alston returned to the team from a two-game "timeout," demanding an apology.

So hard? Trade him already! (But who would want him?)

Freddie Offending ...
Wait, there's no one left to offend! Well done, Freddie!

Speaking of chutzpah, he's just earned a place in its Hall of Fame.

NHL 'deadline':
Bettman threatens that it's this weekend or else. To most fans, the reply is "Or else what? We've already stopped caring!" As for "deadline"? Oh, irony!
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Bud Selig kind of side-stepped the Jose Canseco mess yesterday, but did use the opportunity to pump up MLB's tougher steroid policies ...

Rivalry Week, cont'd: Great doubleheader on ESPN2 tonight, starting with Tennesse-LSU (Women! 7), then Xavier-Cincy (9) ...

Kudos to Antawn Jamison, who celebrated All-Star status with a season-high 35 in a Wizards W over the Duncan-free Spurs ...

Paging Augusta Nat'l: Women's British Open will allow transsexuals to play. The Masters hates women players; how about women who used to be men? ...

Hottest sports couple: My vote goes to Ashley Judd and Dario Franchetti, but mainly because of my crush on Judd. Dario, you're my hero ...

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