April 13, 2005
Curt Schilling:
Biggest star and leader of the Red Sox will make his 2005 debut against the Yankees (and Wright) in a Must-See tonight. (7, ESPN2)
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

This nationwide "Soxlash": What sparked it?

That too-precious ring show?

Tuesday's Fenway open house?

Fever Pitch? (Too easy.)

Certainly, Page 2's must-read list of 86 things to hate about them reflects current sentiments.

Jealousy is ugly, and I'm sure the "Boston Fatigue Party" is driven partly by envy (and Red Sox Public Affairs VP Charles Steinberg's genius.)

But 86 years or not, the rest of the country is tired -- even bored -- of the never-ending Sox Nation celebration.

So just ignore it!

Not that simple: Not when it's so ... in our faces. (Is tonight's Fenway giveaway of those replica bloody socks to wave for Schilling?)

Sox Nation seems committed not just to enjoying and appreciating the moment (as they should), but to rubbing it in everyone else's mugs.

Last fall, the rest of the country shared in their excitement; we were met with typical "RSN-sularity" and cries to "Get off our bandwagon!"

Now, if only we could ...

NBA Watch
Spurs win Southwest:
Best. Southwest Champs. Ever!
(Wait: Only SW Champs Ever.)

Meanwhile, the Suns beat the Hornets, to stay a game ahead of the Spurs for the West's best record (and West HCA).

Celtics edge Sixers:
And edge to ATL Div title.
(Philly must worry about NJ)

Tonight: Bulls/Wiz (8, ESPN)
Who would have guessed back in October that this would have big playoff-seeding implications?

Blue Jays: Break 'em up! Toronto d. OAK, wins 4th in row
Dodgers: Rally in 9th? NL's best record? Take that, haters
Heisman Trophy: New home in Lower NYC (Nat'l Sports Mus.)
Vlad Guerrero: AL MVP day-to-day after knee bruise on SB
Sosa retirement-at-40 talk: Calls it nothing but a "joke"
Kenyon Martin: Fined $7,500 for verbally abusing a ref
Prior Watch
Tuesday's rainout creates a scintillating doubleheader at Wrigley today, with Kerry Wood facing San Diego's Jake Peavy in the opener and Prior making his 2005 debut vs. Brian Lawrence in the second game.

How convenient: In one sitting, you can catch the entire future of the Cubs' season.

UNC Breakup
UNC will be better off without SG Rashad McCants, who today will likely declare his intentions to jump early to the NBA.

UNC will be worse off if Marvin Williams, Raymond Felton and Sean May decide to join him there.

As for McCants' NBA future? Let's see: Moody shooting guard who can't play defense? Line up that Portland tryout!

LeBron to Knicks?
You be the judge:

"[LeBron] will not think of going anywhere until that goal [of winning a title] is exhausted." (Agent Aaron Goodwin in Wednesday's NY Post.)

"The fans in ...Cleveland have nothing to worry about at this point. I'm here." (LeBron to Ohio media Tuesday, my emphasis added.)

CFB: 12th Game?
So let me get this straight: The NCAA has a problem with a limited college football playoff, because it would cut into students' academics ...

... Yet they have no problem entertaining the idea about adding a mandatory 12th game to the regular-season schedule?!

Idea: Keep season at 11 games, and create a "semifinal" 12th game for the top 4 teams, before everyone goes on to play in their bowls.

NFL Schedule
Announced today: Break out your pens, to circle all the "storyline" matchups. (Sportswriters coming up with column topics ahead of time?! Say it ain't so!)

Meanwhile: Have you been following along ESPN.com's pre-Draft coverage? See Q It Up for an analysis of DEs.

Dan Kolb:
Braves new closer blows game to the... Nationals?! (Hudson W, too.) Hey, Smoltz is 0-2 as a starter; maybe ATL should think about swapping him back?
Today on ESPN.com
Quickie live!
Hate the Red Sox?
NFL Draft: DE's
Ranking UNC player NBA potential
Marvin Williams
Transcendent skills
Raymond Felton
Make him Nash's back-up!
Sean May
Next Unseld? Or Fizer?
Rashad McCants
SGs are dime a dozen...
Jackie Manuel
Impressed at Portsmouth

Roid watch: NFL agrees to adopt Olympic testosterone testing standards. League continues to stay ahead of the story. (But what about HGH?)

Have more prescient words ever been spoken? Tyson says June fight in D.C. will be a "train wreck."

More from Fenway: Would you have paid $5 to go on the field to view the trappings of celebration up close, like so many fans did Tuesday?

First, the NFL gives the SB in 2010 to NYC; now, they're talking about 2011 in Dallas. So much for that "permanent SB host cities" plan ...

More NBA Draft: Pitt PG Carl Krauser, NBA tough but with a JV shooting stroke, is going pro, but keeping the "return-to-school" option open.

Britney's going to be a mom! Can you place a futures bet on how much a kid is going to be scrutinized?

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