June 8, 2005
Justin Upton:
D'Backs make prep shortstop the top overall pick in the MLB draft and make the Uptons (including B.J.) the highest drafted brother combo in MLB history.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

When critics aren't hating on the Spurs-Pistons NBA Finals match-up, they're leaping onto the Spurs' bandwagon.

Even people picking the Pistons seem to be doing it begrudgingly -- perhaps because they want to stay consistent with a preseason pick?

My motto: Remember last year! I'm the genius who went on national TV and proclaimed "Lakers Sweep!" Bad times...

Won't get fooled again: This year's Pistons are being given barely more of a chance than last year's squad (and we know how that turned out).

I'm a sucker for a champ's poise, with the dilemma this year that both teams are former champs. Edge to the Pistons for being more recent...

(See Big 5 for results from Tuesday's Quickie Poll asking for your predictions!)

Meanwhile, I highly recommend reading Page 2's running commentary between Scoop Jackson and Eric Neel (see Q It Up).

Pedro throws 2-hitter! Complete game includes 12 Ks. Mets four games over .500, tied for 2nd in NL East (1 GB Nats).

Bullpen relief near! Team close to signing ex-Reds RP Danny Graves, who may simply need a change of scenery to regain effectiveness.

Deep pockets pay off! Mets have loot to draft pricey Wichita St pitcher Mike Pelphrey, represented by Mr. Holdout, Scott Boras.

ESPN: Poll This!
After feeling conflicted about conflicts of interest, ESPN has dropped its affiliation with the shady college football coaches poll.

The next logical move: If the AP media get their own stand-alone poll, why not ESPN?

Michigan: Softball team forces decisive Game 3 in WCWS
Torii Hunter: 4 runs, 2 HR in dramatic 9-8 W over Arizona
Ben Sheets: Won for first time since Opening Day, vs...
... N.Y. Yankees: Bats stay silent in 2-1 loss to Brewers
Dogging Horacio Ramirez: Buzz behind Erstad's ear enough
College football coaches poll: ESPN drops its affiliation
ESPN has enough experts in-house between TV, Web (hint, hint) and affiliated radio nets to create (and crown) its own champ.

More MLB Draft
Astros draft 3B Koby Clemens: Aww, isn't that sweet? What kind of cynic would ruin the precious family moment...

...By suggesting that Houston used an 8th-round pick to make Daddy Clemens happy enough to not insist on being traded out of town next month?

Dolphins GM Search
Did Miami violate the spirit of the NFL's hiring guidelines when they picked a new GM without including any minorities in their search?

Some whacked-out logic: The team claims their 2005 GM search simply used the info gathered from their *2003* GM search, which did include minorities. So they're covered.

What a sham: The 2003 GM search yielded a pick. If you make a hire, the system re-sets to the start (at least in theory, if you're inclined to want the guidelines to work).

Bad precedent: Who's the first team in the 2006 offseason to say, "But we interviewed an African-American for head coach back in 1998!"

LPGA Playoff
What a eyeballsy move for women's golf! And the LPGA's bold thinking should be rewarded with your interest.

A big-money playoff, based on points racked up throughout the season (a split season, actually, to maintain interest).

What good is "tradition" when your sport needs Big Ideas to break through the sports clutter? That's why the men's side should adopt this ASAP.

Onterrio Smith:
Vikings RB "whizzes" away his season, after the NFL suspended him for the year for violating the league's substance abuse policy (but with no details).
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Quickie live!
Scoop and Neel
Jackpot Jay: WSOP!
Yesterday's Fan Poll Results:
Spurs in 6 (39 pct)
Presumes road win!
Pistons in 6 (21.4)
Presumes 1 DET road W
Pistons in 7 (14)
I'm not SO crazy...
Spurs in 7 (11.2)
Sanest of all picks
Spurs in 5 (9.2)
Wow, that's aggressive.

Today's Must-See Game: Deciding Game 3 of Women's College World Series, between Michigan and UCLA. It's the title game, people! (ESPN, 7:30)

MLB Interleague Game of Day: Fans can watch the AL's best pitcher (Roy Halladay, going for 10 Ws) in the NL's best ballpark (Wrigley)

Cardinals continue their Emptiest Victory Ever series, knocking off the Red Sox, 9-2, for a second straight game. Catch Game 3 at 7 pm on ESPN2.

Smart move by the Bulls to re-hire Scott Skiles at a competitive wage. But after this season's success, next year it won't be overachieving.

She's "Danicoy": Patrick on NASCAR prospects: "That's difficult to say at this point. I can't tell you how happy I am where I am."

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