August 10, 2005
Scott Harper:
Nutty 18-year-old Yankees fan jumps from Yankee Stadium upper deck into the netting above home plate, reportedly on a dare. That's insanity.
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Two Words For You:

Every pitch Kenny Rogers snaps into the glove of his catcher tonight in Boston will be like a little slap in Bud Selig's face.

In the last week, baseball's punitive authority has been emasculated.

First, anti-steroids crusader Raffy Palmeiro is busted. He comes back Thursday, emphasizing the 10-day "first-strike" punishment is a joke.

Now, an arbitrator overrules MLB and reinstates Rogers, immediately, after he served only 12 games of a 20-game ban.

The question isn't really whether the 20-game ban was fair or not; the real issue is Bud Selig's power to control the game.

Selig got caught up in the media whirlwind when he delivered his punishment; he was backed into a corner when he heard Rogers' appeal himself.

Don't blame the arbitrator: Selig had honorable intentions, but took tactical missteps throughout the Rogers scandal.

Decisive leadership doesn't have to be coupled with extreme positions. Selig gets an embarrassing reminder of that tonight at Fenway.

Boss Rips Torre
It has begun: "I'm not pleased with the manager," Steinbrenner said. "I'm not sure why they left [Alan Embree] in" to face Paul Konerko, who hit the decisive HR in Yankees' 2-1 loss.

Likely to compound the Boss's agita, the Red Sox beat the Rangers dramatically in 10 innings, increasing their East lead to 4.5 games.

And did Jamie Moyer really turn down a waiver offer to join the Yankees as NY Post says? Now THERE'S a signal about the state of New York.

MLB Tues Wrap
Felix Watch: He's the real deal! Mariners rookie SP Hernandez gets first MLB win with zero ER (6 Ks) in 8 IP in 1-0 SEA W over MIN.

Vlad the Imp-A-ler: How about back-to-back AL MVP awards? Guererro hits a grand slam and rings up 5 RBIs in 9-2 W over rival Oakland.

Kurt Busch: NASCAR's T.O. to jump teams (Roush to Penske)
Myron Cope: Apologizes for winding HOF speech. No worries!
Sudoku: Japanese Xword-ish logic game sweeping the U.S.
Randy Johnson: Will miss Thursday start with bad back
Wade Miller: Red Sox SP goes to DL with shoulder issue
Shareef Abdur Rahim to Nets: So NJ signs Marc Jackson
Padres a yo-yo: July duds start to sizzle in August, winning their 5th straight impressively: Slapping Pedro with his season's worst start.

Cards' Reyes debut solid: StL's top SP prospect impressive (2H in 6.1 IP, but one hit was a 2-R HR.)

Royals brutal: 11th loss in row is ugliest of all; up 7-2 in the 9th, K.C. gives up 11 RUNS. 12 straight losses would be franchise record.

Raffy returns: Suspension ends Thursday, and his agent says that Palmeiro will play. It's must-follow, if only for fan reaction. Ripken in "state of denial."

NFL Camping
J. Lewis returns: The NFL's Martha Stewart practiced Tuesday. Comparisons between training camp and prison ended promptly.

Cards sign Rolle: DB a lead candidate for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Think the Cards could be a breakout team? Antrel's a big reason.

Braylon a new Brown? Cleveland stud rookie WR Edwards could sign today. Now, if only the Browns had a QB to get him the ball....

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Hawks Mess
You know you're the Atlanta Hawks when: In ruling that your ownership group can't boot a renegade partner, the judge questions the sensibility of spending $70 million on Joe Johnson. Everyone's a GM.

More NBA: Lakers boot Grant. The dreadlocked PF will get the $30 million left on his contract and the Lakers will save $30 million in luxury taxes. He could be a bargain for a contender looking for a backup.

Quickie 50/50: SD
Impressions of S. Dakota:

Two words: Corn Palace, the most unusual location for a state high school basketball tournament in the country. Oh, and Adam Vinatieri.

Vote Best of SoDak here!

Larry Krueger:
SF-area radio DJ finally axed for Alou scandal. But it wasn't his original ignorant comments; it was his mockery of an Alou interview about the story.
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NFL Defensive ROY Contenders
Erasmus James
MIN DE rookie sack leader?
Derrick Johnson
KC LB is a monster
Antrel Rolle
ARI DB will need INTs
Marlin Jackson
Colts do need help at DB
Shaun Cody
DT may put D in "Detroit"

NCAA Nicknames Watch: Now Florida governor Jeb Bush might step in to help out Florida St in its campaign against the NCAA.

Jack Morris says he "doesn't want to be in" the baseball HOF if voters let known steroid-cheaters in, too. Good thing he doesn't have to worry.

Solace for NYC 2012: Cost to Athens for hosting the '04 Games is expected to rise 18 percent more than expected. All those hidden fees...

Spurrier scandal update: Ol' Ball Coach denies making promises to players involved in alleged larceny.

For the record, Todd Bertuzzi had 10 times as many words in his "thank you" letter to Canucks fans as games he was suspended for.

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